Semmes Alabama Weather Forecast: Rain

Does It Rain in Semmes?

The Cat and Dog Days of Summer

Does It Rain in Semmes? You betcha! And rain it did today – big rain drops about the size of a bargain-priced green pea and bushels of them. There were dogs and cats but no elephants or giraffes so it did not appear we were in for another Biblical type of flood. We press on.

Hurricane Preparedness for Semmes Alabama

When a Hurricane Strikes …

When a Hurricane Strikes, Prepare for Fire and Other Dangers

Are you prepared? The Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1. Make a plan now to keep your family safe (www .ready .gov/hurricanes ). Fire safety should be a key part of every household hurricane safety plan, says Chief Kevin Brooks, Semmes Fire Rescure. Follow this advice from Semmes Fire Rescue to minimize risks associated with severe weather:

Older adults may need help in severe weather.

Recent Rain Will Likely Affect Cotton, Corn

AUBURN, Ala.—There is no such thing as “typical” Alabama weather. From temperature dips and late frosts, to droughty conditions or more than seven inches of rain, producers in Alabama regularly deal with a wide variety of weather conditions. The end of the month of May has proven to be no different. Areas throughout the state received …

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