Son Murdered Mom and Buried Her Under Porch


After a 3 month long investigation, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office has found the body of missing person SUSAN MAYO. Yesterday, September 6, 2017, MCSO Detectives went back to the property of Susan Mayo where she was last seen and shared a residence with her son, NATHANIEL SEBASTIAN. SEBASTIAN was released from Metro Jail the day before, September 5, for interfering with an investigation from the previous time Detectives executed a search warrant. When MCSO Detectives came back with a new search warrant, SEBASTIAN stated “his mother was buried under the porch.”

MCSO Detectives found the body believed to be that of Susan Mayo buried under the porch of the home that Mayo and SEBASTIAN shared. The body was buried approximately three feet beneath the porch inside a barrel.

Semmes Library

Lego Fun Tuesday
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Ages 6 and Up

Use your imagination and challenge your building skills with Lego activities. For more information, please call 645-6840. LOCATION: Semmes Branch

After Flooding, New Orleans Officials Fired Or Resigned

Devastating floods that swamped New Orleans last weekend have cost several officials their jobs. Twenty of the city’s 121 pumps were out of commission when nearly 10 inches of rain fell in three hours. DeMarco Morgan reports.


The Wedding Text Message

A father texts his son: “My dear son, today is a day you will treasure for all the days of your life. My best love and good wishes Your Father.” His son texts back: “Thanks Dad. But the wedding isn’t actually until tomorrow!” His Father replies: “I know.”

Semmes Alabama Small Business

3 Unexpected Things That Can Help Small Businesses Thrive

(StatePoint) With most Americans employed by small businesses, the success of these operations is crucial to drive the economy and grow the job market. But there are some obvious and not so obvious factors that can help small business owners and their employees thrive. When most people think of critical issues for business success, they gravitate to areas like improving marketing efforts or adopting new technologies. However, here are three surprising elements that can contribute to growing the bottom lines of small businesses in the U.S., according to market analysts. A Smaller Focus

Most small businesses think they need to do lots of things well to succeed.

Semmes Fire & Rescue Receives $10,000 Grant

Semmes Fire & Rescue Receives $10,000 From Gulf Coast RC&D

Semmes Fire & Rescue received a $10,000 grant from Gulf Coast Resource, Conservation and Development Council .The funds will be used to purchase additional life saving equipment for the department. Gulf Coast RC&D Executive Director Janice Godwin presented the $10,000 check to Fire Chief Kevin Brooks at an event at the Semmes Training Complex on Tuesday, August 8, 2017.  Chief Brooks said the City Of Semmes and his department are “extremely grateful” to be given the opportunity to purchase equipment that increases safety and saves time extricating accident victims. 

State Rep. Jack Williams, R-Wilmer, and state Sen. Rusty Glover, R-Semmes, as well various city officials attended the event. Among other goals, the Gulf Coast RC&D supports community development projects in Baldwin, Escambia and Mobile Counties.