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Be Proud Semmes Alabama

Be Proud Semmes Alabama
I mentioned in an article days ago that citizens across the United States, and some other countries, have been watching our election. Thousands upon thousands of people were curious to see how the citizens of Semmes Alabama participate in the American Democratic process. From the posting of election results yesterday and up until midnight, 954 people read about the Semmes Election. 18,975 have read the news up until this morning at 8:00 am. Talk Of Semmes is still getting worldwide traffic at the rate of one new reader every 47 seconds.


We The People Will Decide

Vote For The Team, Not The Individual 

The Semmes municipal election is tomorrow, Tuesday, August 23rd. Voting will take place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Semmes First Baptist Church, 4070 Wulff Road. Even if we wanted to, it appears we no longer have the choice of voting for individuals. As evidence of this, clusters of signs along our roadways indicate this election has two teams vying for your vote – not twelve individuals. This “team” bombardment all began when land was cleared for these political signs, including a parcel of land on Illinois street previously proposed by the mayor as an excellent site for City Hall.

Semmes City Council

The Council Has Authority Over The Finances And Property

Mr. Platt, I would like for you to publish the following for my fellow citizens in the City Of Semmes. This information was taken directly from the Alabama League of Municipalities. I think the public needs to be educated about the fact that all that has been done in the city wouldn’t have been possible without the approval of council. Everyone is under the impression that the mayor is the one who has done it all. Please find a way to share this…


Press Release: For Immediate Release

Please find attached a release describing how Organized Dentistry (Board of Dental Examiners and the Alabama Dental Association) is denying “access to care” yet again to the citizens of Alabama. Burt F. Arthur
Director of Finance
Northcutt Dental Practice
23678 US Hwy 98
Fairhope, AL 36532
PH: 251.279.6189
Cell: 256.452.1476
Fax: 251.929.2846

AUGUST 22, 2016 J. David Northcutt, DMD 


Organized Dentistry Again Impedes “Access To Care” for the Underprivileged 

“Access to Care” is a phrase that means helping the underprivileged gain access to medical and dental care. This is an especially hot topic considering the current funding shortage of the Medicaid budget in Alabama. Governor Bentley called a Special Session on August 15, to deal with this very issue. The problems for the State are simply the “access to care” costs, primarily Medicaid’s cost, outweigh the funds that the State currently has available.

Madam Mayor, A Few Answers Please

Let me ask you a few questions that should be easily accessible to the citizens of Semmes, but after reviewing the City’s web page, are woefully inadequate. The number one priority for any public official should be for public safety. I would argue that the largest impact on the public is affected through the public infrastructure that the citizen will interact with including water, sanitary, storm water, and roads.. No one considers the work of producing a glass of water and delivering that water to each customer, but when it goes awry as we saw in Flint, M.I. the effect on a community can be devastating in so many ways. So a few questions for the current mayor,

Has a comprehensive study of the City infrastructure and accompanying report on those findings been completed?

Another Citizen Of Semmes Speaks Up

Another Citizen Of Semmes Speaks Up

One point that I would like to make. I have heard this statement made several times now, that if we were “involved”, we would know the truth about what is going on in Semmes. This is a tired, worn out excuse that does not make a valid point. Every single person that spends as little as a dollar is involved in this city. Our tax dollars are what support this city.