Semmes Firefighters Respond to House Fire in Pretty Branch Estates

Semmes firefighters responded to a dwelling fire midday Saturday, February 3, 2018, in the Pretty Branch subdivision off Moffett Road. The single-story, single-family home was occupied at the time of the fire and the homeowner stated, “we were watching TV and heard crackling that sounded like something cooking on the stove. I got up to see what was going on and saw smoke coming out of the air conditioning vents in the kitchen. About then water started coming from the ceiling and the ceiling fell in. We only had time to grab my cellphone and run out.”

Bad Politicians Are Elected By Good People

Who are you voting for in the upcoming elections? The Republican Primary is June 5, 2018 and Republican Runoff is July 17, 2018. Then, the General Election is November 6, 2018. There are some unknowns running this year as well as some highly qualified men and women. If you have not given the election any thought, it is not too early to get busy trying to find information on the candidates.

Is It Just A Two Week Delay or Is There More?

Did you know that the Semmes City Council now has a live Facebook video feed? Yes,they do. Just to introduce you to this new opportunity for you to look in on your city government in action (or not) please watch these videos from the last City Council meeting. I will be offering commentary and answering questions in a NEW FACEBOOK GROUP, the Bully Pulpit. Click HERE, or HERE or to JOIN THE GROUP.

Pat Robinson

Born & Raised In Semmes, Pat Robinson, Now Wayne County PA District Attorney

Patrick L. Robinson
District Attorney

Wayne County Court House

925 Court Street

Honesdale, PA 18431-1996

Telephone (570) 253-4912

(570) 253-5970

Fax (570) 253-5902

JANUARY 2, 2018

Pat Robinson of Tyler Hill became the District Attorney of Wayne County on December 29, 2017. He filled the vacancy created when Janine Edwards was sworn in as President Judge of the Wayne County Court of Common Pleas. As the First Assistant District Attorney, Robinson automatically filled the vacancy pursuant to a law enacted by the Legislature in 2001. Robinson will serve as District Attorney until January 6, 2020. Pat Robinson was born and raised in Semmes, Alabama.

ALDOT (Alabama Department of Transportation) disappoints and angers citizens in Florence Alabama and St. Florian Alabama

An article by Robert Palmer, Staff Writer for the Times Daily, indicates that ALDOT (Alabama Department of Transportation) disappoints and angers citizens in Florence Alabama and St. Florian Alabama. Read the full article at: