Semmes Firefighters Past, Present & Future

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We are simply... Tired!

We are simply... Tired!

Semmes Firefighters Past, Present & Future

By now you have heard much discussion regarding the Semmes Firefighters. We have been discussed politically, used as a bargaining chip and most recently used to strike fear in the citizens of Semmes. Let me be clear. We will not abandon Semmes nor will we stop giving our best. We will continue to do what we have been doing for the last several years which is providing fire and medical protection.

With all that has been written and said, who truly knows the opinions or thoughts of the Semmes Firefighters.  Let me shed some light on that subject. For the last several years firefighters have been manipulated, threatened and intimidated by both Mr. and Mayor Hale. Doesn’t one find it odd that the turnover rate at Semmes Fire is so high or that we have gone through so many different chiefs? The chorus of former firefighters lashing out on social media should clue you in to our plight. Why have you not heard the current firefighters speak out against the recent defunding of the Volunteer Fire Department? Would it not make sense for them to rise up and make their voice be heard like many other fire departments in our area would do? There is a simple answer for that. We are simply…Tired!

Tired of being devalued, mistreated, micro managed, and threatened with our jobs. We are tired of Tim Hale and, his micro managing and interference of fire department operations.  Having to attend board meetings that have no direct value to the department; and give the firefighters themselves NO representation.  What kind of board has no election process or term limits? The board only appoints new members, none of which currently know anything about firefighting or what it takes to do this job.   Tired of the behind closed door meetings that occur between Tim Hale and Tommy Maker discussing our operations and how they should vote.  This is what happens right before a chief is given the boot. Believe me there is no executive session (These are the true pioneers of dodging the open meeting act.)  We are tired of having a mayor who calls us lazy behind closed doors and then says the opposite in public. We are tired of being threatened with our job because department information that the mayor should not have any way is leaked to the public. This is the true definition of Tyranny and Oppression.  The Hale kingdom has shrunk since the election and they are holding on to the fire department as their last stronghold.

What do we want?  We want what is best for Semmes. What is best for Semmes you ask? Having firefighters wearing adequate protective gear that’s not is poor shape. We want fire trucks that don’t break down and are dangerous to drive. We want more firefighters on a scene to help you during your emergency or fire. We simply want to give you our best! We want a city fire department!!!!  We are extremely excited to work with the new mayor and council. The vision for Semmes is bright and full of new opportunities.

Citizens of Semmes thank you for your trust, loyalty and patience. We are here to serve you and will continue no matter what. Our loyalties lie firmly with you and the City of Semmes.


Firefighter Silence Dogood


3 thoughts on “Semmes Firefighters Past, Present & Future

  1. “We want fire trucks that don’t break down and are dangerous to drive.”
    Seems to me that this statement in this article is allowing an opening for liability of the SVFD if a truck is put on the road. If there is an accident with one of the trucks now that this has been publicly stated, you’ll have to defend yourself in court explaining why you were in a truck that you knew was “dangerous” to drive? I would suggest that comments regarding equipment and personnel be kept off social media. This isn’t really a smart practice in my opinion. This is why there are public meetings to discuss these issues. You can always announce that they is a meeting on these issues and invite the citizens to attend but posting it on social media is just not a good idea. Just my opinion. Might want to check with legal about admitting there is an equipment problem online? This is the type of think personal injury lawyers live for.

  2. Get the chief an assistant chief that the people know and trust. Don’t go out of the district to get somebody. You have to get the peoples’ trust back. Yes we some paid one but they need to back to volunteers. That is why the volunteers stayed for in Semmes Volunteers Fire Department. I had 25 years as a volunteer and there is one thing I learned while I was there, the volunteers work for the people because of the leaders. I was doing this not for myself but because of them. That is where the love and trust come from.

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