Semmes Mayor Under Fire

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Editor: For the purpose of comment, I proclaim fair use of the following LOCAL 15 copyrighted material:

This video produced by LOCAL 15 may serve as illustration of the allegation by citizens and city council members that Mayor Judy Hale is a dictatorial city official that refuses to accept input from city council members. Further, citizens and city council members allege the mayor has no authority to act as a law enforcement officer.

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Published on Apr 13, 2014
Semmes, Ala. (WPMI) Semmes Mayor Judy Hale came under fire at Monday night’s council meeting. At one point, she threatened to have council members removed from the meeting.

Hale denied allegations she played police officer and detained a teenager in a city vehicle back in January. Rebecca Bruhl said the mayor followed her daughter with her brights on after she left a bonfire party.

“I don’t know if you understand, but an 18-year-old girl who wasn’t doing anything wrong, being chased by a city vehicle in the middle of the night is terrorizing,” said Bruhl.

Hale defended her actions saying she was working when she received a complaint about a noisy party, went to check it out and followed who she thought was a drunk driver. Although, when Mobile Police were called to the scene, no arrests were made.

“I wouldn’t have followed the girl, I didn’t know it was a girl, I didn’t ever see her until I got to the Chevron, if I would not have thought that there was something wrong,” said Hale.

“It’s very concerning,” said councilman Howard Smith.

Smith says he’s not only alarmed by the allegation but is also concerned with city finances. He says the mayor has not been forthcoming with documents.

“Do you think she should resign?” asked Local 15’s Andrea Ramey.

“Yes,” replied Smith.

“Are you going to ask the mayor to resign?” Ramey asked.

“Yes,” replied Smith.

“Tonight?” asked Ramey.

“As often as it takes,” replied Smith.

Smith didn’t publicly call for her resignation in the work session, but he, along with other members, did question Hale and were warned on more than one occasion they would be forcibly removed by a sheriff’s deputy if they spoke out of order.

Hale says she will not resign.
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One thought on “Semmes Mayor Under Fire

  1. Ya diggin’. Be careful you don’t dig yourself a hole. Do you want to be a candidate for office, a reporter, or a crap stirrer? Why are you digging up things from two years ago? You have lost any credibility of writing. Shameful.
    It never came out that the police officer called on scene was a relative of a council member. In that case, the officer possibly violated a rule by telling incident details to someone outside the police department, thus, notifying the media and creating a firestorm. Hmmmm
    If I see someone driving recklessly, I call 911 as well. I’ve done it before and will continue to do it, giving every detail I possibly can. It’s my civic responsibility.

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