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Talk Of Semmes tells the “stories of our lives” in Semmes Alabama. That’s a tall order for a quiet and peaceful community, but it’s challenge worth tackling.

Our mission is to weave together the community fabric, increase understanding about the issues we face and watch out for the public’s best interests.

Talk Of Semmes is an important compilation of news, often introducing readers to stories they wouldn’t otherwise expect.

About 3,200 citizens in the Semmes area visit on a weekly basis. The total impact of our website and social media presence is consistently touching 5,000 readers weekly. And, we’re not just local any more. Hundreds visit from across the country and several from other countries.

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Editor: Terry Platt
Cell Phone: 251-583-5955

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Community Involvement

Send your community events and other announcements for publication. We publish anniversaries, birthdays, events, news, personal interest stories, sales, enrollments, births, lost & found and other local information. All announcements submitted must have contact information including name and phone number.

Announcements that would be of interest to the general populace will also be posted on the community calendar. This could include, enrollments, church events, openings, closings, civic meetings, etc.

Send your announcements to:

(1) Email:

(3) Phone: 251-583-5955


Talk Of Semmes is dedicated to local journalism in the Semmes Alabama area. Our focus is relentlessly local, and so are our readers. We often get the question: “What’s your bias?”

We have two: (1) We love this city and (2) we feel local journalism is important to maintaining a vibrant healthy community.

Because of the nature of our content, we know our readers care about Semmes and want to know what’s going on with planning and development, annexation, local government, education and what it means to live in the area.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Terry Platt