The Current U.S. Flag Was Designed by a 17-Year-Old

Robert G. Heft, created the design in 1958 as part of a school project when he anticipated Alaska and Hawaii joining the United States.He has also designed a 51-star flag that would be used if a new state joins the United States. He was born in Saginaw, Michigan.

Heft designed the current United States flag as a school project in Lancaster, Ohio when he was 17 years old. He got a B- for his project by his teacher, Stanley Pratt. After talking about the project, he made an agreement with his teacher that if the flag was made as the official flag by the United States Congress, he would get a better grade for the project.

He wrote the White House 21 times until eventually President Eisenhower gave him a phone call and told him that his design would be made official.

After graduating from college, he became a high school teacher and later a college professor. He was also mayor of Napoleon, Ohio for 28 years.

His teacher changed his grade to an A.

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