Garnett James Lloyd, Jr. Sentenced to Five Years on Charge of Cyberstalking

As part of his plea agreement, Lloyd admitted that he posed on Facebook as a young female, Taylor Smiths.  As Taylor Smiths, he contacted a girl from Mary G. Montgomery School whose mother had listed a formal dress for sale on Facebook Market place.  The mother believed the contact to be suspicious and reported it to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

La regulación promueve la autosuficiencia y el éxito de los inmigrantes

Hoy, el Departamento de Seguridad Nacional de los Estados Unidos (DHS) anunció una regla final que define claramente la ley de larga data para garantizar mejor que los extranjeros que buscan ingresar y permanecer en los Estados Unidos, ya sea temporal o permanentemente, sean autosuficientes y confíen en su capacidades propias y los recursos de miembros de la familia, patrocinadores y organizaciones privadas en lugar de recursos públicos.

Who Reads Talk Of Semmes?

So who reads Talk Of Semmes? Here is  a partial list from a few minutes ago – ~ 10:44 am
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ALDOT’s Killing Field: Bloody 98

The shameful truth is that we here in Semmes, the people with the most to lose, do nothing. Absolutely nothing but let ALDOT dictate to us that 45 mph and 50 mph thru our residential and business districts  is okay.

Fundraisers Standing in the Road

The city council wasted a lot of time establishing speed limits that were probably mandated by ALDOT, the state government agency that listens to no one. Keep the traffic moving on Bloody 98.