Understanding Price Tags

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Understand the Price Tag
There is much more to a price tag on the grocery shelf. First, there’s the retail price. This is the price you pay for each item. But have you ever looked at the unit price? The unit price will tell you how much an item costs per pound, ounce, quart, etc.

How to Prep Your Lawn and Garden for Autumn

How to Prep Your Lawn and Garden for Autumn

As autumn colors set in this season, make sure your all-important home and garden upkeep checklist is ready. Although the lawn is often overlooked during the fall, it’s actually the perfect time to make sure everything is organized before the harsher winter elements take hold. Paul James, host of HGTV’s “Gardening by the Yard,” advises homeowners to start early – approximately six weeks before the first good freeze. Here is a list of some of the tasks and items you should add to your fall checklist this year:

•    Maintain the landscape. Tidy up the lawn, flowerbeds, bushes, gardens, etc. Remove unsightly foliage, dead stems, piles of leaves and other debris.

Become A Community Correspondent

The articless produced by community correspondents almost universally focus on community events at an extremely localized scale, often from a personal viewpoint. The writers typically have little professional journalistic training and instead of building their articles around major events and themes often focus on the day to day lives and interactions of the people and places in their community. It is not uncommon to read reports of new babies, vacations, recently purchased automobiles and church suppers in these pieces.

You’re Finally Somebody

You should be proud. You are now a household name. At least in the NSA. The New York Times reported yesterday that the NSA has been putting together some fantastic graphs using your social connections. The graphs identify your friends, relatives, neighbors and a few other minor details like where you are at certain times of the day, who you are with, etc.

City Of Semmes

No news here – just took a few quick photos of our public works department keeping things nice. Hey, guys! Good job. Thanks

Drones – Coming To a Neighborhood Near You

Worried about the security of your home or business? Wondering how safe your neighborhood is? Curious about how well your crops or livestock are doing?

The answer may be drone technology. As knowledge about drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, becomes more mainstream, public safety officials, companies and individuals are exploring how drones could perform a variety of jobs. But there are also concerns.

Forty-three states have proposed or recently enacted laws to define what a drone is, who is authorized to use them, and how they can be used, according to WestlawNext, the nation’s leading online legal research service.

The legislation addresses real-life questions such as whether a local police department can issue speeding tickets based on a digital recording from a drone flying overhead, the use of drones by the news media to record footage for a story, or if you need a license to shoot video with a remote-controlled aircraft for commercial purposes.

On the other side of the issue, a debate is emerging about the legality of an American citizen destroying a low-flying drone that crosses an individual’s private property. Forty-seven percent of Americans think they should have the right to shoot down a drone that’s taking video of their home, according to a 2013 Reason-Rupe poll.