Solar Eclipse Semmes Alabama Times

For Semmes Alabama:

August 21, 2017:
Start of partial eclipse: Noon
Maximum eclipse: 1:32 PM
End of partial eclipse 2:59 PM

UT or “Universal Time” is a single time standard that applies to all locations on Earth as opposed to your local time which will vary depending on your location (longitude). For all practical purposes, UT is equivalent to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) which establishes a line of longitude that passes through Greenwich England (called the Prime Meridian) as the standard from which all other times are measured and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) which is based on International Atomic Time (time measured very precisely as vibrations of a cesium atom). The following chart may be used to convert UT to your US time zone during the eclipse. Example: 18:23 UT = 12:23pm MDT


Fake Solar Eclipse Glasses: You May Be at Risk

Fake Solar Eclipse Glasses: You May Be at Risk


Millions of Americans will watch the Aug. 21 solar eclipse and have already purchased (or will) eclipse glasses or handheld solar viewers to do so. Some of these people may be at risk from counterfeit glasses and   by disreputable vendors trying to cash in on this rare event. Watching the eclipse with fake protective gear can cause permanent eye damage, making this a community risk reduction issue. Only glasses and viewers verified by an accredited testing laboratory to meet ISO 12312-2 are safe to use when viewing the eclipse.

After Flooding, New Orleans Officials Fired Or Resigned

Devastating floods that swamped New Orleans last weekend have cost several officials their jobs. Twenty of the city’s 121 pumps were out of commission when nearly 10 inches of rain fell in three hours. DeMarco Morgan reports.

Semmes Alabama Weather Forecast: Rain

Does It Rain in Semmes?

The Cat and Dog Days of Summer

Does It Rain in Semmes? You betcha! And rain it did today – big rain drops about the size of a bargain-priced green pea and bushels of them. There were dogs and cats but no elephants or giraffes so it did not appear we were in for another Biblical type of flood. We press on.

Recent Rain Will Likely Affect Cotton, Corn

AUBURN, Ala.—There is no such thing as “typical” Alabama weather. From temperature dips and late frosts, to droughty conditions or more than seven inches of rain, producers in Alabama regularly deal with a wide variety of weather conditions. The end of the month of May has proven to be no different. Areas throughout the state received …
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Semmes Hometown Hero: Mickey Dearmon

Semmes’ Unsung Hero

What is life like for the heroic cowboy after he rides off into the sunset? Where did the knight in shining armor go after he delivered the princess safely to the castle gate? Our heros, both the real and imaginary ones, normally appear on the scene just in the nick of time to save the day. Schooled from early childhood, our American heros were taught to do good deeds, protect the weak and show courage in the face  of danger. This is a story about an unsung hero, a tale of a home-town boy, – a story that reveals hidden truths and offers a glimpse of the real story – the untold story normally left to your imagination as soon as the credits start to roll.