Is It Just A Two Week Delay or Is There More?

Did you know that the Semmes City Council now has a live Facebook video feed? Yes,they do. Just to introduce you to this new opportunity for you to look in on your city government in action (or not) please watch these videos from the last City Council meeting. I will be offering commentary and answering questions in a NEW FACEBOOK GROUP, the Bully Pulpit. Click HERE, or HERE or to JOIN THE GROUP.

Pat Robinson

Born & Raised In Semmes, Pat Robinson, Now Wayne County PA District Attorney

Patrick L. Robinson
District Attorney

Wayne County Court House

925 Court Street

Honesdale, PA 18431-1996

Telephone (570) 253-4912

(570) 253-5970

Fax (570) 253-5902

JANUARY 2, 2018

Pat Robinson of Tyler Hill became the District Attorney of Wayne County on December 29, 2017. He filled the vacancy created when Janine Edwards was sworn in as President Judge of the Wayne County Court of Common Pleas. As the First Assistant District Attorney, Robinson automatically filled the vacancy pursuant to a law enacted by the Legislature in 2001. Robinson will serve as District Attorney until January 6, 2020. Pat Robinson was born and raised in Semmes, Alabama.

ALDOT (Alabama Department of Transportation) disappoints and angers citizens in Florence Alabama and St. Florian Alabama

An article by Robert Palmer, Staff Writer for the Times Daily, indicates that ALDOT (Alabama Department of Transportation) disappoints and angers citizens in Florence Alabama and St. Florian Alabama. Read the full article at:

Semmes Alabama Hurricane Nate Damage Report

Semmes Alabama Hurricane Nate Damage Report

City Of Semmes Fire Chief/EMA Director, Kevin Brooks, reports that crews have been surveying the city and police jurisdiction since a little before daybreak this morning and are reporting only minor damage. A downed power line was found in the Coleman Dairy Road area and was reported to Alabama Power. Power outages are scattered – some neighborhoods with power and others without.

Felon Warrants Round-Up

It might not be too early to pull out your Christmas card list for an update. The Mobile County Sheriff’s office and several other agencies are doing their part to give some local folks a new address. Yesterday, September 27, 2017, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office conducted a warrant round-up as result of a sixth-month investigation with our Undercover Narcotics Unit. Agencies that assisted with the roundup are US Marshals, US Customs & Border Protection, HSI (Homeland Security Investigations) and Saraland Police Department. Warrants were executed throughout Mobile County and a total of 30 people were taken into custody and charged.

Cochran’s Caravan


Those of you that have a yearning for strong law enforcement tactics and a no-holds-barred crime sweep would have loved the opportunity to witness the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office parade of arrestees to the slammer yesterday, Wednesday, September 27, 2017. Between 25 and 30 people were arrested in early morning raids. Sheriff Sam Cochran’s Caravan traveled a county-wide route taking those arrested fom all points within Mobile County straight to the Sheriff’s lodging facilities in downtown Mobile. I have named the event “Cochran’s Caravan” in hopes that we will see it become an annual event. While the Sheriff supplied much of the manpower and vehicles for the caravan, many agencies were involved including U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, Homeland Security and Saraland Police Department. Sheriff’s Office personnel are not saying if the crime purge is directly related to the arrests made in Semmes Alabama several days ago but there are indications we are witnessing the fracturing of a widespread crime ring with many of the bad guys bringing their stolen merchandise to the Semmes property to exchange for drugs. 

Sheriff’s deputies I talked with said this overall operation, requiring over six months of investigation, was made much more effective and efficient by diligent citizens using the MCSO Crime Tips page and downloadable smart phone app. One noticeable aspect of these recent operations is the no-holds-barred aspect mentioned earlier.