ALDOT’s Killing Field: Bloody 98

Having A Green Light at Bloody 98 and Schillinger Road

Does Not Assure You Safe Passage

Mobile Woman Killed in Highway 98 crash in Semmes / Fair Use: Under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting.

Bloody 98 has been discussed all over the state for years. Very little has been done to decrease the slaughter. Most rhetoric includes statements about law suits, lack of funds, etc. But, the shameful truth is that we here in Semmes, the people with the most to lose, do nothing. Absolutely nothing but let ALDOT dictate to us that 45 mph and 50 mph thru our residential and business districts  is okay.

A complete history of the long-running massacre would take pages. Here are just a few stories from the past if you have any interest.

I took these photos this morning, Friday, August 9, 2019 around 7:00 am. Are these drivers ignoring the traffic signals or are they going to fast to stop?

It’s Been Yellow Only A Second Or Two / ~7:01am


Hey, That Car Ahead Of Me Made It / ~7:01am


Whew, Made It / ~7:02am
Hey, It’s Only Been Red For A Second Or Two / !7:02am

In the US, if any part of a driver’s vehicle has already passed into the intersection when the signal turns red, a violation is not generated. A ticket is only issued if the vehicle enters the intersection while the light is red.


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