Beagles Are The Best Pets

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Beagles are the Best Pets

Bentley at work!

Bentley the Beagle from Semmes AL

Bentley at work!

Beagles are the best pets!  We have a nine year old beagle named Bentley, he is what you would call a flea market dog, which is where we found him when he was 6 weeks old.   He brightens my day on a daily basis.   He has had a lot of issues over the years, at least 5 surgeries and never lets anything get him down.  He has terrible allergies, including being allergic to grass!  This time of year is trying for both of us, but he still makes me laugh. He follows me all over the house.  I work from home and he sleeps under my desk.  If he wakes up to find me gone,  it’s not long before  he finds me and settles down near me. He is loyal to the core! He and his brother, Pakak (our Huskie) love taking cooking lessons when I  am preparing meals, they both settle down on the kitchen floor and pay close attention to what is going on.  Always eager to see if anything will come their way. We’ve had dogs since our kids were small and find they bring a lot of joy and happiness to our home.   We loved them all, but I have to say Bentley has been the one with the most antics and outlandish personality.  If you need to smile or have a good laugh, just find Bentley!


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  1. I agree that dogs are wonderful pets, and beagles in particular if you are looking for one with a unique personality!

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