Cochran’s Caravan

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Mayor David Baker

Mayor David Baker

Sheriff Sam Cochran


Those of you that have a yearning for strong law enforcement tactics and a no-holds-barred crime sweep would have loved the opportunity to witness the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office parade of arrestees to the slammer yesterday, Wednesday, September 27, 2017. Between 25 and 30 people were arrested in early morning raids.

Sheriff Sam Cochran’s Caravan traveled a county-wide route taking those arrested fom all points within Mobile County straight to the Sheriff’s lodging facilities in downtown Mobile. I have named the event “Cochran’s Caravan” in hopes that we will see it become an annual event.

While the Sheriff supplied much of the manpower and vehicles for the caravan, many agencies were involved including U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, Homeland Security and Saraland Police Department.

Sheriff’s Office personnel are not saying if the crime purge is directly related to the arrests made in Semmes Alabama several days ago but there are indications we are witnessing the fracturing of a widespread crime ring with many of the bad guys bringing their stolen merchandise to the Semmes property to exchange for drugs. 

Sheriff’s deputies I talked with said this overall operation, requiring over six months of investigation, was made much more effective and efficient by diligent citizens using the MCSO Crime Tips page and downloadable smart phone app.

One noticeable aspect of these recent operations is the no-holds-barred aspect mentioned earlier. Every possible violation of law is being investigated in order to bring down the full effect of law on criminal activity. Last week I overheard an MCSO deputy say he would like to “arrest all of ’em–the dog too!”

Talks with Mayor David Baker of Semmes revealed that he too has devoted months of work in paving the way for law enforcement’s very strong stance against crime in the Semmes area. Without giving specifics, Mayor Baker indicated the city has been preparing for a cleanup for many months and the really observant citizen of Semmes and the Semmes Police Jurisdiction may be able to spot clues around their neighborhoods. Additionally, the mayor said additional state investigators will be in Semmes soon–and others as necessary.

Sheriff Sam Cochran wants all citizens of Mobile County to know “The Community Will ALWAYS BE OUR Greatest Resource.”


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