The Committee Of Secret Correspondence

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During the American Revolutionary period, freedom fighters knew they were going to need allies to help them gain their independence. They knew also there would be a need for secret communications between themselves and their allies. It was then that they created The Committee of Secret Correspondence in order to communicate with friends and allies alike.

The Committee of Secret Correspondence used secret agents to gain intelligence, friends and allies to perform undercover operations and friends and allies published information in order to gain support.

Semmes Fire Department personnel, although probably unknowlingly, have created a new modern version of The Committee Of Secret Correspondence. The longing for freedom is strong within their ranks – freedom from the tyranny of Judy Hale and Tim Hale.

Semmes Fire Department personnel and their friends and allies have reached out to me and others – and I intend to help. I am working with their Committee of Secret Correspondence and I am recruiting for additional allies and friends.

How about just some basic facts without all the drama? Here it is:

  • Fifty firefighters, paid and volunteer, have come and gone since 2013
  • The City Of Semmes has had eight fire chiefs or acting fire chiefs
  • In 2012 there were 40 volunteers and only one is there today
  • Our firefighters say, and this is unverified, they have been given orders by Judy Hale and Tim Hale NOT to request outside help from other fire stations because it would make Semmes look bad
  • Our firefighters say, and this is unverified, that Tim Hale is being used as the mayor’s henchman and always works in sync with the real fire chief, Mayor Judy Hale
  • Allies outside the City Of Semmes, firemen with years of experience, say that our firefighters are in jeopardy and it will not be long before there is loss of life
  • Allies outside the City Of Semmes, firemen with years of experience, say that Semmes Fire Department does not come close to following the NFPA standards in particular standard 1500 which pertains to the “2 in 2 out rule” that recommends there be two firefighters on the scene when two firefighters are in a structure – ( 2 in 2 out, 3 in 3 out, 4 in 4 out, etc.)

Ladies and gentlemen of Semmes, I want you to think about this:

While you are at work today, if there is an incident in one of our schools, another wreck on Bloody 98 or there is a structure fire, you have reason for concern. At the most you will have two firefighters per truck risking their lives for you while living under the threat of termination if they ask for help.

Today, if we have two or more incidents at or near the same time, a responder may lose his or her life and you, a citizen of Semmes or a citizen within the police jurisdiction, will have much to lose.

If we indeed have surplus monies in the bank (?) as stated by Mayor Hale, why is it not being used to secure the safety of our community?

Later this week, I will publish an interview with professional firefighters I visited outside our city that were willing to give us a better understanding of just how close we are to calamity.

Thank You,

Terry Platt


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