Defiance In Alabama

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Probate Judges Across Alabama Refuse To Issue Marriage License

file0001689784453It looks like today is pretty well shot as far as research for good articles. Everything in our inbox is about same-sex marriage. Research for the day is shot unless story after story about same-sex marriage are in order.

An excerpt from The Christian Science Monitor article stated:

The open defiance came one day after Roy Moore, chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, ordered probate judges to continue to enforce the Alabama marriage restrictions despite the federal judge’s ruling that they were invalid.

and this:

Chief Justice Moore took issue with the ruling, saying that neither the US Supreme Court nor the Supreme Court of Alabama had ruled on the constitutionality of the state’s marriage laws.

He said probate judges in Alabama were not bound by the federal judge’s orders because the lawsuit was filed against Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, who has no authority over the state judiciary. Instead, Moore said, probate judges fall under the direct authority of the chief justice as the administrative head of the state judiciary.

So far we have received alert notices on over 500 articles that have been published today about Alabama’s defiance. I decided to write one more short article myself, this one, because I received a request from a friend via Facebook asking that I sign a petition to have Judge Roy Moore impeached because he is not following federal mandates. I quickly removed my response before it was published… I hope. I will hold my response until after our talk show so as not to influence the show participants.

Tomorrow’s topic for our noon call-in talk show is:

  • same-sex marriage
  • Judge Roy More
  • local marriage license bureau actions
  • and related stuff

Hope to have you call in. In the future, the topic for each week’s talk show will be published on our community calendar.



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