Does It Rain in Semmes?

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Semmes Alabama Weather Forecast: Rain

Semmes Alabama Weather Forecast: Rain

The Cat and Dog Days of Summer

Does It Rain in Semmes? You betcha! And rain it did today – big rain drops about the size of a bargain-priced green pea and bushels of them. There were dogs and cats but no elephants or giraffes so it did not appear we were in for another Biblical type of flood. We press on.

Strange thing though, even with the rain – there seems to be mostly smiling faces and lots of friendly conversation. There are a few newly adopted owners being pulled by their leashed companions. They’re all headed in the general direction of the food vendors. One gentleman, a Mr. Shepherd, wanted me to meet his new companion, a concentrated package of something-bull-type–a quite handsome young dog that appears intent on giving Mr. Shepherd plenty of exercise.

The splash pads kids did not seem to recognize any difference between the water from the rain and the water from the splash pad. They freely mixed the two and was all the happier in doing so.

In Indonesia, there are rain shamans. In the Indonesian language they are called “pawang hujan.” Now if you think it rains in Semmes, you would consider our rainy season arid if compared to Indonesia. At least we have not had to add an additional descriptor like “monsoon” to our rainy season… yet. The shamans are in big demand in Indonesia as many believe they have mystical powers that allows them to redirect the course of rain showers or prevent them all together. I don’t think we need shamans in Semmes. Today’s rain did not keep the animal lovers at home and, of course, the kids could care less.

All in all, the crowd today must have recalled the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who said,

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”




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