Funding For The Semmes Volunteer Fire Department

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Judy Hale

Judy Hale

Judy Hale stated that the city council refused to vote on funding the Semmes Volunteer Fire Department in the amount of $375,000. As is her modus operandi, she has her own way of seeing things. Judy, probably knew full well that the council had serious reservations about the issue so she went about getting her way. What actually happened was that Judy asked for the city attorney’s opinion on the vote. His first response was “sure, you can vote,” or something pretty close to that. As soon as he said that, she stared at him while he shifted around in his chair… then she got the answer she was looking for – something along the lines of “the validity of the vote would be in question.” Watch the video for yourself and see for yourself what really happened. The city council DID NOT GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO VOTE. Judy decided not to allow the vote.

Might it be possible that the city council deemed it unwise to allow questionable practices to continue within our city government? Or might it have been that they exercised due diligence in regards to one of our city’s largest expenditures – Fire and Safety and they knew:


  1. The Semmes Volunteer Fire Department exists in NAME ONLY. The name “Semmes Volunteer Fire Department” is registered with the Secretary Of State. My discussions with The Secretary Of State Legal Department disclosed the fact that the Secretary Of State serves as a registry only; they do not vouch for the validity of the organization’s existence.
  2. The Semmes Volunteer Fire Department does not meet the legal requirements as set forth by state statutes (Section 9-3-17, Code of Alabama 1975). One has to read no further than paragraph two of this section,which is the LAW OF ALABAMA, to see that the SVFD does not meet the legal requirements required by law.
  3. Again, Alabama State Law, in Section 9-3-17 para 6b, the LAW states “All of the aforementioned items shall consummately define a ‘volunteer fire department’.” This means that if any ONE of the conditions are not met, the department cannot meet requriements of Alabama State Law.
  4. The SVFD is not certified. Discussions with the Alabama Forestry Commission revealed that they have had no response from their inquiries to the  SVFD IN OVER THREE YEARS. The same Alabama State Law (Section 9-3-17) further states that The Alabama Forestry Commission “shall be the state agency delegated as certifying auhority under this section and shall certify all deparmtents which are cooperators with that commission.” Although the Commission sends yearly certification correspondence to volunteer fire departments, the SVFD has not responded and therefore is not certified by the Alabama Forestry Commision AS REQUIRED BY LAW.
  5. Further, state law Section 9-3-17, Code of Alabama, para. 5f states, “The provisions of this section shall supersede and take precedence over any local law or municipal ordinance in conflict herewith.  All laws or parts of laws in conflict herewith are hereby repealed.” This makes it perfectly clear that this law is the final word.

The city council, in my opinion, was standing firm and intended to look further into what is a questionable investment of tax payer dollars.

So there you have it – Judy Hale did not allow a vote on the funding.

Moving on to other issues that may warrant additional investigation:

  1. Why did Tim Hale remove all public records from Chief Brooks office?
  2. Did the SVFD submit a falsified application for insurance?
  3. Why has the makeup of the SVFD board recently changed?
  4. What is this about Tim Hale’s arrest?
  5. Did Judy Hale spill the beans Thursday night?
  6. What is conscripted service?
  7. Why did someone take a photo of my motorcyle when it was dirty?

As always promised, Talk Of Semmes offers a variety of gossip, rumors and facts. We will be covering the topics above shortly.



One thought on “Funding For The Semmes Volunteer Fire Department

  1. Judy Hale and her husband should not be allowed to steal the old fire dept that serve Semmes for many years through our donations and money to build the buildings buying eqt and such this belongs to Semmes residents not Judy Hale and her husband any Judge through his miss leading info gives this to them is out of order beating the Semmes people out of something we help build and support these two did live in our community nor donate one dime to this dept rightfully now that we are a city this entity should go to the city of Semmes to assist them with our fires the people of Semmes should fight them on this decision they just need a income since we the people voted them out of our city for things not approved by our board she is gone and should stay gone from any connection to any part of our gov period I was born here eighty years ago will stand up for the rights of our city

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