Fundraisers Standing in the Road

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Several citizens voiced their concern about children exercising fundraising activities on our city streets. As promised, I responded to your request and brought up the issue at the city council meeting this last Tuesday, August 6, 2019. The council’s reaction led me to believe there was little interest but the mayor did voice his normal “good point” with nothing further discussed.

I also asked our EMA Director, Kevin Brooks, to investigate possible solutions with input from the Semmes Public Works Department. However, as the mayor has sole authority, by law,  concerning city employees, the matter can be quickly squashed by the mayor behind closed doors.

The mayor’s attorney did respond to the issue via email which was forwarded to me and, I hope, all council members. I am not comfortable quoting any of the response due to the notice of priviledged and confidential information. I am comfortable however with giving you my opinion of the response –  it’s more of the “how little can we do” I have seen from this administration.

Off the subject a bit but relevant: Did you know the speed limit in front of Pathway Temple Church is 45 mph? Did you know the speed limit coming from the west into our most congested area, Schillenger Rd and Walmart entrance is 45 mph. The city council wasted a lot of time establishing speed limits that were probably mandated by ALDOT, the state government agency that listens to no one. Keep the traffic moving on Bloody 98.

What do you want me to do now?

Terry Platt
Semmes City Council Place #4

Contact the Governor
Contact Alabama Department of Transportation

Contact Mayor David Baker
Contact Council Member Howard Smith
Contact Council Member Charles Watts
Contact Council Member Lawrence Webb
Contact Council Member Terry Platt
Contact Council Member Lee Lawshe

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