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Law enforcement agencies across the country have received a lot of negative press this year and just like most published news, the bad press far outweighs the positive. Negative press flavors the atmosphere our law enforcement personnel work in with a foul stench. Fortunately, yes fortunately, thousands upon thousands of ethical and conscientious law enforcement personnel contine to go to work every day in the stench. They are there for us.

Facebook is loaded with questions and comments such as “Would You Come To The Aid Of Your Local Law Enforcement.” There are plenty of videos showing everyday citizens stopping to help police, sheriff, etc., trying to subdue a difficult individual. You know these videos are there and you know you would gladly help if the occassion presented itself. But you can do more.

Early this morning I signed in to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office media site to look for information on an incident that occurred in Semmes in the last couple of days. I did not find what I was looking for so that article will come later. What I did find though is information on their website that makes it perfectly clear that our Mobile County Sheriff’s Office is reaching out to the public in every imaginable way.

You can connect with the Sheriff’s office by way of Twitter, Facebook and Email. They even have SO-TV, published news videos about the Sheriff’s Office activities. Sure, we can still call 911, but that is a reactive activity – you call during or after an incident. Consider adding some proactivity to your everyday life. Stay aware, look and listen and communicate with our Sheriff’s Office.

I encourage you to like the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page but above all, learn to use Twitter on your smartphone and follow the Sheriff Office tweets. Use Twitter to instantly pass on important information to the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office Twitter account is @team_sheriff.

In order to give you more information about our Sheriff’s Office, Talk Of Semmes has added a new page, “Mobile County Sheriff’s Office” to our website menu. You will find it as a dropdown menu option under “INSERTS.” But, a wiser option is for you to install Twitter on your smartphone, follow @team_sheriff and get your info direct.

Readers have requested that Talk Of Semmes publish more information such as crime reports. Fulfillment of that request has begun and as our relationship with the Sheriff’s Department strengthens we hope to bring you more in-depth news.

By the way, Talk Of Semmes will be using Twitter more often also. Communicate with us using our Twitter account, @TalkOfSemmes

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