Good Morning Semmes: Monday, August 8, 2016

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Terry Platt

Terry Platt Editor, Talk Of Semmes City Council Candidate Place #4

I am sure many perceive my actions as a campaign directed against city hall and it may very well turn in that direction, but for now, I am looking into all incumbents, all candidates and the rumors and gossip passed on to me. I love discovering the truth and let the chips fall as they may. I have been hired, in the past, to work for both defendent and plantiff. I was not hired to take sides but only to find what I could find. That’s what I do.

My experience and training force me to take nothing for granted. In the past I have found myself gullible and naive and it has caused some embarrasing moments. Eventually, with time and training, I learned how much fun it is to dig around and find the real story. And, just like many other outspoken citizens, I’m trying to confuse the matter with facts.

This morning I decided to check the City Of Semmes website,, because I have been very irritated with the lack of current information the city does publish on the site. I think it is fair to say that I’m pretty well pissed that Mayor Hale has refused to return my calls for quite some time… years not days. However I don’t think she has singled me out as other newspersons have said the same.

If one takes into consideration that Mayor Hale does not return phone calls and add in the fact that information that should be available to the public is missing or outdated, then one should be asking, “why.”

Here are examples of missing and/or infomation as of this morning, Monday, August 8, 2016 and why it concerns me.

Example #1


This statement taken from offers to help you determine if your business is located within the 1.5 police jurisdiction, call the City office phone number …

Well many of us are aware that if you do not get the information while on the phone the first time, all hope is lost because it appears the phone lines at city hall are not designed to make outgoing calls.

If you optimistically but foolishly click on the supplied map, you will notice the map is dated at the bottom:

Example #2


Notice the date – December 16, 2014. If you are interested in locating the city limits or police jurisdiction today, I guess you better call city hall. Good luck!

Example #3

Are you interested in acquiring a permit within the City Of Semmes? The public works page gives you the opportunity to learn the procedure needed. Here is that link:


which takes you to this page:


Oh well, guess you better call city hall.

Example #4

What if you want to see how your elected represented representatives voted on ordinances and resolutions? Well fear not. That is coming soon:



I can’t determine when the “Coming Soon” part was posted but if the “UPDATE” which is calls out “Beginning November, 2011” is indicative up the update, it indicates this feature, the “Coming Soon” feature, is nearing five years old.

Some effort must have been made to provide these ordinances as indicated by the last one published sometime in 2012:


Example #5

Surely you are interested in who serves on the committes. No problem there unless you want to know who is on the committees today. Here is the committee list on our city web site:


Oh well. Call city hall.

Example #6

There is a colorful front page link that beckons to give you the latest news:


but don’t let it suck you in. The link carries you to the latest news dated August 6, 2013.


Honestly, this is a little nitpicky – they are small or unimportant things to some but may be important to others.

Then I began to look behind the scenes – the technical side of things and I was really concerned with what I found. I hope to share this with you later today but for now, it’s hobby time.

Thanks for your time,

Terry Platt


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