Good Morning Semmes: Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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Good Morning Semmes
Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Terry Platt

Terry Platt Editor, Talk Of Semmes City Council Candidate Place #4

Yesterday a parcel containing a variety of documents was received at Talk Of Semmes. Also, a hand delivered signed statement was placed in my hand. As eager as I am to get to the bottom of the rumors and allegations I wanted to publish them right away so the public could see them – but I hesitated.

A little later in the day, I had a phone call from a person I had called earlier in the day asking for an interview. I was blasted with both barrels! I did not take it personally because I do understand the consequences of the path I am on and there is the possibility of much harm to those that may have been previously unaware of certain conditions and occurences in our local city government.

I am not a mean person and my research and writings are not intended to be vindictive. Everything I write is fact or is published with an accompanying statement that the content is rumor or gossip. But, when those who have not been heard see an opportunity to be heard, they seldom continue to sit and watch things happen – they seize the opportunity and speak up. They furnish information that helps confirm those rumors and gossip or helps destroy them. Dozens of the citizens of Semmes have taken the opportunity to help me discern fact from fiction and additionally give me more points of interest. I say without reservation there are problems with our city council/mayor leadership. The questions to be answered are who and/or what is causing it.

In order that the innocent not be harmed, I have agreed to a 24 hour  period of down time. During that 24 hour period, I am willing to share with any incumbent or candidate one of the documents I have in hand. I will not reveal any others. I hope that after viewing the document each incumbent or candidate will come to understand why I must publish the remainder of the material starting Wednesday, August 10, 2016.



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