Kid or No Kid

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After the article written on the 20th of this month concerning illegal activities in the Redstone Drive East area:

  • “L1″that stated the article was a bunch of lies and the facts should be straightened out. 

  • “Brandy” brought Jesus into the story.

  • “Ann” felt the article was a personal judgement turned into an entertaining story.

In order to insure that the true story is told, I visited the property on Redstone Drive East this morning and asked Jerry Fowler, Jr. to tell the true story.

Mr. Fowler denied there was even a child living on the property, saying “the baby stays with it’s grandmother. The only reason the kid was here that morning was because they were visiting.”

Sources in the Sheriff’s Office stated that the kid’s diapers and other necessities on were the house and were used to change the kid’s diaper. If there was no child living there, why have the child care necessities?

Mr. Fowler also said the stolen property charges had been dropped; sources within the Sheriff’s Office said that is not the case.

So is there a child living there? There are plenty of visual clues that there is but Mr. Fowler says there is not.

I wanted to give Mr. Fowler the opportunity to tell his story but as you can tell from the video he did not come out for the interview, choosing instead to say all that was published was lies started by “vindictive police.”

Semmes Mayor David Baker stated “the alleged activities are a cancer that must and will be removed from the city.” He further stated “the Sheriff’s office has worked for months and is still working on this case.” Praising the work of the sheriff’s office, Mayor Baker added “the city may contact state and federal agencies for specialized investigations- whatever it takes.”

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate alleged criminal activities in this area.

*The video and audio are terrible-the camera was laying on the car dash!



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