Is Mayor Judy Hale Reading Your Confidential Information?

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Editor’s Note: The following is unsubstantiated. Although I do not question it’s authenticity, it is my personal opinion that Mayor Judy Hale has violated several laws if these allegations prove to be true.

hippa-privacyI have not had time to pursue these allegations – they are just rumors and gossip. But, whether gossip or rumor, they are widespread and come from those in a position to know.

Some of the current and past employees of the City Of Semmes have come forward. They are not too intimidated as these emails indicate. The allegation is that Mayor Judy Hale and husband Tim Hale were reading reports that neither have legal access to:

Hey, as the election season nears I have often thought on how I would release information that I have kept when I was a city employee. Let me see what I can find over the next few days. If anything it would be a interesting write up before the election. These emails that were sent to me and other employees show the true nature of Judy hale, including intimidation and privacy issue over patient care information. If you would like please just drop me a reply message.

Yea I actually contacted HIPPIA to do an investigation and they declined, they stated HIPPIA only applies if the city was being rembursed insurance,Medicare or Medicaid payments. So I think it would fall under just general privacy issues. Either way her and her husband was reading reports that spoke of illness, and sickness of citizens of Semmes.

For more information about The HIPPA Privacy Rule, visit

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Terry Platt


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