Open Doors Resale and Thrift Store

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Open Doors Resale and Thrift Store

Open Doors Resale and Thrift Store, located at 6950 Moffett Rd, has become one of my favorite places to shop and to just spend time. It is unique in many ways and one of the few places that seems to have a little bit of everything. The business is worthy of becoming one of the must-see places in Semmes.

In this room just about every wall is covered with tools and fix-it type stuff. There is a nice collection of old metal toys not for sale – just to decorate.

If you are interested in fixing stuff, you might find the part you need at Open Doors. They have lawn mower parts, electrical parts, spools of wire and lots of tools. I am really fond of opening up an old chest or tool box and find a tool I have not seen in years and wish I had.

Open Doors was established to financially support mission endeavors of the United Methodist Church in the Mobile area. They’re not in business to make a profit. They’re a charity and they are in business to help others and help the community.”

Rev. Charles Fail, pastor at New Life United Methodist Church, is helping to lead the efforts of this endeavor. He said, “We believe that God has led this process. In a changing economy and life of the Church, the resale and thrift store is the best way to ensure that Mobile District mission agencies are funded well. Everyone wins. There are great deals on great items, opportunities for people to serve, and the proceeds enable ministry to the poorest among us.”

The store acquired its name from the widely used tagline of the global United Methodist Church, “Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.” The United Methodist Church and the ministries of the Mobile District are open to all persons, thus the appropriate naming of the facility.

When you are finished browsing the front building, the next building may take just as long to go thru as there is easily a thousand pieces of clothing and hundreds of what-nots and decorator items. This building also has an always changing selection of household furniture. Plenty of shoppers take advantage of the days when you can purchase a bag of clothes for $1.00. Not $1.00 each mind you – a dollar a bag.

We have one more building to visit but as you will find out for yourself, the passage to that building is also full of items that will make you slow your pace. There are garden tools, yard decorations, outdoor-type antiques and just plain old nice stuff to decorate the area. This area has a calming and relaxing effect on everyone I have seen there. For some reason, everyone slows down and enjoys whatever is there at the time.

The covered outside porch area of the building

Its almost shameful how enticing the next building is.

Entire Collections Are Often Donated for Resale

The covered outside porch area of the building just reachs out and starts pulling you in. Beautiful antiques, your grandmother’s wall hangings, collector items, donated collections of Hummel figurines, antique display cases full of antiques and… Hey, it really is here.


Finally  breaking away to the last building which has more clothes, lots of blue jeans, work clothes, paintings, shoes and, yes, more antiques.



Purchases from Open Doors will directly have a positive impact on the following agencies:
-The United Methodist Inner City Mission
-The Dumas Wesley Community Center
-The University of South Alabama Wesley Foundation
-The Mobile Metro Jail Chaplaincy Program
-The United Methodist Babies First.

The Open Doors Resale and Thrift Store needs merchandise donations, volunteers, grass-roots advertising, shoppers and prayers! Currently the store is operated 100% by volunteers. There are many ways the citizens of Semmes and surrounding areas can touch lives through this new store.

Hope to see you there,

Terry Platt

Credit: Much of this information was gathered from, Alabama-West Florida United Methodist Church.


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