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Smartphones have proven themselves to be the ultimate gateway for Internet users in China as 88.9 percent of them choose to connect to the Internet via mobile devices. Nov 2012. [Photo/Xinhua]
One of the first things done each morning is to review web traffic coming to Talk Of Semmes. By reviewing the traffic logs, we can identify our audience and determine our reach. You may have noticed in the past that we have published a few articles that welcome users from around the states and around the world. Of course our largest audience is composed of visitors from the Semmes area, but there are visitors from practically everywhere. We also have our fair share of hackers trying to break in but thats another subject entirely.

We thought you might like to know that Google is considering adding Talk Of Semmes to its Google News site. We’re keeping our fingers crossed. If this happens, then Semmes Alabama’s only (we think) online news source will be listed among with the big name news sources. Okay, on to the point of this article.

In the access logs, several times each day, there is a log entry showing “” This is the most popular personalized news app in use in China. Why we have Chinese citizens reading our news we have no idea. But, it does show that Semmes is reaching out.

In Chinese, ‘Toutiao’ means headline. The slogan of the company is ‘The only true headlines are the things you care about.’ It pushes information users like to their homepage, using a complex algorithm to determine user interests to ensure the experience more personal and distinct than competitors.

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