Semmes Chamber Of Commerce Takes The Lead

What is going on with the Semmes Chamber Of Commerce? Let’s face it, Semmes is not that big a place. So, when you pass by a building that has over 100 cars parked out front you have to wonder what is going on.

Semmes Chamber Of Commerce had their monthly luncheon yesterday, August 14, 2019, at their usual luncheon location, Pathway Church Moffett Campus. As Vickie and I approached the building, it looked more like a convention than a small town Chamber meeting. It was one of the few times I was not disappointed that we had to park at the far end on the parking lot.

Guest Speaker Marty Carrell of Women’s Resource Center

The guest speaker was Marty Carrell of Women’s Resource Center. She gave an uplifting and inspiring account of the organization and their plans to bring their services to Semmes.

Sponsor for the luncheon was Trustmark Bank represented by Lisa Owen.

It appears that the Chamber has whatever it takes to create and sustain the business community’s interaction. Our local Chamber Of Commerce has quickly developed the mature infrastructure needed to bring local businesses together.

“So what?” you may say. The Semmes Chamber Of Commerce has taken the lead in setting the city’s business agenda and has a strong voice on issues from business conditions to the city’s long-term agenda. Whatever the Chamber is doing, their approach is helping generate consensus as well as getting the word out as to why the City Of Semmes is an ideal location for your large or small business.

The City Of Semmes appreciates our local Chamber’s efforts. It’s not a stretch to recognize that when city projects gain business approval from the start, they are more likely to secure support. The Chamber is dead-on in striking a balance between business interests and the city’s other needs.

If you are a business owner, large or small, you need to belong. The Chamber works very closely with the city to provide a representative business voice when needed. As a member this gives you an avenue to express your legislative policy questions directly to the city.

Some business people in large companies feel they are too big or not local enough to participate in the local chamber. If that is your thought, keep in mind that your employees are very much a part of the local economy. And, being a good “corporate citizen” might very well necessitate being the community partner that the small, local guys expect you to be.

Chamber growth is phenomenal and might serve as an indicator of how our city is growing by leaps and bounds. They are producing economic development at the grass roots level and all of Semmes looks forward to you joining the growth of a close-knit community with a lot to offer.

You can contact the chamber on their Facebook page or visit their welcome center at 8740 Moffett Road, Semmes Alabama 36575.

This article is the personal observation and opinion of the author and has not been endorsed or approved by the City Of Semmes.

Terry Platt
Semmes City Council Place #4

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