Semmes City Council Acts On Public Safety First

Semmes City Council Acts On Public Safety First

City Budget Approval Delayed

On September 10, 2019, the Semmes City Council met for approval of the city budget. The meeting resulted in immediate consideration of a vote on a proposal from Sheriff Sam Cochran for adding additional deputies to the Semmes Sector Sheriff’s Department Unit.

According to the Semmes GIS Coordinator, the present population within the city limits and police jurisdiction is about 15,400 citizens. Added to that number is a school population of 3,450 students. In order to keep pace with the City Of Semmes positive growth, Sheriff Cochran proposed that the city increase the number of deputies by eight deputies which would result in 22 deputies total for the Semmes Sheriff’s Unit.

By a four-to-one vote , the Semmes City Council voted to approve appropriation of additional funds in the neighborhood of $800,000 for revision of the present contract with the Sheriff’s Department. Council member Watts was absent. Council member Smith voted against the proposal.

The City Of Semmes continues to grow. Projections resulting from recent annexation agreements reveal that effective January 1, 2020 the city’s population will increase by an additional 2,562 permanent residents and will gain a fourth public school (population of 1500 students) adding 4,062 individuals for a total population of 19,462.

In a study conducted by the City of Semmes Public Safety Committee (Council Member Terry Platt, Chairman), it is projected that the growth of the city will continue at an accelerated pace. Three established residential subdivisions in the Semmes Community are anticipating the completion of 332 new homes in the months to come. When one assumes that each structure is expected to house an average of 3 family members then a projected pouplation of nearly 1,000 more residents can be anticipated prior to the beinning of 2021.

The City Council will meet again on Tuesday, September 17, 2019, for consideration of the budget. Council member Terry Platt voiced concern about the proposed budget figures for Community Outreach and Economic Development.


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