Semmes’ Unsung Hero

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Semmes Hometown Hero: Mickey Dearmon

Semmes Hometown Hero: Mickey Dearmon

What is life like for the heroic cowboy after he rides off into the sunset? Where did the knight in shining armor go after he delivered the princess safely to the castle gate?

Our heros, both the real and imaginary ones, normally appear on the scene just in the nick of time to save the day. Schooled from early childhood, our American heros were taught to do good deeds, protect the weak and show courage in the face  of danger.

This is a story about an unsung hero, a tale of a home-town boy, – a story that reveals hidden truths and offers a glimpse of the real story – the untold story normally left to your imagination as soon as the credits start to roll.

As with other American heros, this home-town boy performed a life-saving feat and received little or no recognition for his actions. He slowly faded into history without so much as a word and asked nothing in return for his deeds.

Several months back, the future of the Semmes Volunteer Fire Department and the newly created Semmes Fire Rescue were in a critical state. The volunteers’ stations were locked and the equipment set idle. Dust was accumlating on life-saving equipment and batteries in rescue vehicles were dying. All the while, the City Of Semmes was spending huge sums of money to buy equipment to protect its citizens and the understaffed Semmes Fire Rescue Department rushed to the scene, any scene, previously protected by volunteers in addition to their city and police jurisdiction calls. Fate was not kind to the City Of Semmes during this time.

Finally, in the darkest hours, Fate called, “Where is our hero? Bring him to me!” A likable local boy from Semmes Alabama answered. Fate decided his course and fate decided the outcome of his acts.

Dressed in his shining armor, Mickey Dearmon appears saying “I would be honored to once again have the Dearmon family name serve you.” Fate replied, “I have heard your family has served well and all of you are loved by many in the City Of Semmes. You are aware of the challenge and your adversary?”

“I am indeed,” replied Mickey. I will gather my army.”

Our local hero, Mickey, using his God-given, unique Dearmon blood, went about doing what Dearmons have always done – doing what needs to be done. Mickey activated his trusted command of old and called to the hundreds of loyal and capable ranks. Within days doors were opened, equipment was checked and vehicles were made ready for the next call. And, the calls came.

Today, the City Of Semmes has control and use of the prizes won by our hero and his army. Mickey Dearmon handed over control and walked away.

What has become of our hero? Some say he thinks he is a race car driver. Others say he is on another quest in a far away land or possibly training for a mullet toss championship. In what ever far away land he may be or what ever the next challenge may be, Mickey Dearmon is left with thousands of dollars of legal fees – thousands of dollars of personal expense, hundreds of hours away from family and employment just so he could give it all away to the citizens of Semmes.

Let us make sure this story has a good ending for all. Let us all come together again as a community and cover these expenses for Mickey. We can never return his time lost or thank him enough for this story in the timeline of the history of Semmes but we can make the finances right.

Please drop off a donation for Mickey at Semmes Auto Parts.



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