Stolen Property Recovered, Suspects in Custody

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Early this morning, Wednesday, September 20, 2017, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant on Redstone Drive East in Semmes Alabama. The search yielded suspected stolen items including jewelry, automobiles, motorcycles and construction equipment.

Items collected began to link those items with additional open ongoing MCSO investigations and additional charges are likely. Jerry Fowler, Sr. and Jerry Fowler, Jr. were taken into custody and charged with receiving stolen property. Sheriff’s deputies on the scene stated that Mr Fowler, Sr., a convicted felon, may once again face prison time as two guns were found within the residence.

Representatives of the City of Semmes Public Works division were called on scene due to the possibility of raw sewage on the property. Rob Laughery with the City Of Semmes Public Works stated he had identified at least four unauthorized, and possibly unpermited, habitats on the property.

Investigation by the City Of Semmes and the Mobile County health department were temporarily halted while the many possible violations are sorted through by authorities. One concern is the allegation that a child was housed in a detached structure away from adults and without appropriate sanitary facilities. A number of tents, lean-tos and make-shift structures were scattered about the acreage and human feces and used toilet paper was scattered among the structures, some within 20 to 30 feet of the trailer alleged to be where the child was housed. Sources at the property pointed out a child’s plastic swimming pool beside a tent where it was said the child was bathed.

MCSO credits the citizens and business owners of Semmes with the success of this morning’s operation; by using the Sheriff’s Crime Tips, and social media resources, citizens and businesses alike furnished actionable intelligence which allowed this morning’s arrest to take place.


4 thoughts on “Stolen Property Recovered, Suspects in Custody

  1. You know it real sorry that yall tell a bounch of lies an get away with it as it is fact there os no child that lives there for one thing an to say that eny one would even give a dogg a bath in a pool that is slap stupied ritqual all u wont yall got the wrong impression of the hole thing tryin to place yall lack of facts an make it look good like yall r handling shit by tellin lies on hard workin people an not even wont to see paper doctmention to say different so you need to get fact straight wen kids r envolced u take a vindictive cops wordabout something they make up in there delusional mind an put a child that is well fed took carw of spoiled child happy with its mother to the chance od dhr an there crmnial producing system ya that makes a lot of since get facts straight befor u right an so much for your fairness u r a lier like the rest

  2. You know you really shouldn’t judge anyone that will be god s job and only his, and you really shouldn’t make your judgment on this article because most of it is not true, it must have made for a better story so they decided to damage someones character in order for this to sound good or should we say horrible.

  3. Congratulations ! hold these people up to public ridicule and then throw the whole book at them . there are responsible for stealing from hard working people that try to save and buy things for their efforts and these low life bastards come and steal if as if it should be theirs Hang their ass to make an example to others in town doing the same thing.

    Again hats off to the enforcement agencies that had a hand to solve this crime.

    PS the child will have a better life where ever she ends up. not with this group of white trash!

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