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Publish your article on Talk Of Semmes. We welcome locally oriented articles that focus on topics of interest to residents of the Semmes Alabama area.

pen-mightier-than-swordSubmit articles on school events, sports, city government issues, community life, anniversaries, birthdays and practically anything and everything else. Some call these types of articles “hyperlocal“, and, yes, that’s what we like the best! You can even write about your chicken dinner. Leo Lerner, founder of Chicago’s erstwhile Lerner Newspapers, used to say, “A fistfight on Clark Street is more important to our readers than a war in Europe.” We feel the same way.

Talks Of Semmes is committed to taking a leadership role in helping the citizens of Semmes Alabama publish their articles – articles that reveals the character of our community, it’s values; it’s heartbeat. Articles that leave no doubt about who we are and what we feel is important.

Ready to give it a go? Go ahead. We don’t think you will break anything.

Click Here To Publish Your Article or, if you chicken out, you can fax your article to 251-649-7022, or email it to If you need someone to talk to about this crazy idea, give us a call: 251-649-5511.








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