The Bully Pulpit

Terry Platt, Semmes City Council Place #4

Serving as a City Of Semmes Councilman has helped me to understand the workings of local politics and how easily elected officials can become disconnected from the citizens they are elected to serve. I do understand your concerns and I understand the issues facing our city at this time. So, I intend to continue asking questions and forming common sense opinions and solutions on any issue effecting the city of Semmes and its citizens.

I do not feel our city government has communication, cooperative participation or operational transparency to the degree I feel you deserve. I am asking you to stay informed and be an active participant in deciding the future of our city. I believe this can be done by providing a public place where citizens can ask questions and provide input. There is now in place a Facebook page, The Bully Pulpit, that is available to everyone and which will continue to be improved at every opportunity. The Bully Pulpit is an open-door for the exchange of information I do not feel you are getting.

You deserve fiscal responsibility along with transparency. This means you, the citizens, need to  know where the money goes and why. Very few details are recorded in the minutes of the City Council meetings and attendance at those meetings is poor. This results, in my opinion, in a lack of information you need in order to evaluate the actions of your Mayor and City Council.

I know you appreciate conservative values and common sense. I know you are trusting city officials to work with prudence and foresight. With this in mind, and other considerations, I will soon be presenting information concerning an upcoming vote that I am deeply concerned about. I believe this should be done with the intention of doing what is best for the majority and not advancing personal agendas.

Thank you,
Terry Platt, Semmes City Council Place #4

2 thoughts on “The Bully Pulpit

  1. I had one experience with Semmes planning commission. DR Horton is building a subdivision all around my 24 acres. I came to a meeting on the permits and the commission made it abundentlt clear that the didn’t give a flip how I felt about anything. I have been living in Semmes for 46 years and they made it crystal clear that they do not care anything about the currents residents. Our community will forever be changed, and not for the better.

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