The Status Quo Has To Go

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Bikers Against Bullies

Bikers Against Bullies


Yesterday evening I received a text message with several photos attached. The photos, according to the sender, are those of another child beat up at Semmes Middle School – not bullied… beat up. I have yet to confirm the origin of the photos and have not yet talked with the parents so the photos will not be published until permission is given. I can say that this child will be black and blue this morning. The text message stated that this beating occured while Superintendent Martha Peek was visiting the school.

Citizens of the Semmes area have come together many times in the past to tackle community problems and your help is needed once again. Even if you do not have children in one of our area schools, your participation is needed – and quite honestly – expected. One thing I know for sure is that resolution of community issues are the responsibility of the community. Stand with your neighbors and do not let a small group fight a big problem.

There is a problem in our school system. I look with disdain on the published interviews with Martha Peek. Such statements as:

Mobile County Public Schools does not condone the behavior as shown in the video. We are taking this matter seriously and our investigation is ongoing. Corrective actions have been taken, and procedural changes are being made.

are nothing more than form letters pulled from the shelf.

Another quote from an interview:

Mobile County Public Schools has an ongoing partnership with the District Attorney’s Office through our Helping Families Initiative to help combat bullying. The DA’s office plans to host an anti-bullying program at Semmes Middle for the students and staff.” 

tells me that this ongoing partnership is worthless. If the partnership was working why have these incidents occurred?

There are solutions, but it will take community action. If our community will act in unison, then and only then will the problem be solved. I will be talking with some local government officials, concerned citizens and concerned parents at the end of the week in order to determine what actions we may need to take. If the responsible parties do not act in a timely manner, I will publish options we can take that will certainly get their attention.

Your input and your ongoing attention to this problem is needed. Once again, I ask you to come together and help your community.

Terry Platt



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