We Talk With Our Neighbor Teresa Thomas

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Talk Of Semmes Call-in Talk Show

When we decided to start up the Talk Of Semmes Call-in Talk Show, the first order of business was how we would introduce the show and how would we insure we remembered the few but essential steps to creating and publishing an internet talk show and podcast.

After brushing up on the software and such, we (Vickie and Terry) thought our neighbor Teresa Thomas might be willing to be a guest on a trial run to check everything out. Teresa did agree to be a guest and here is the results of that trial run. It actually turned out to be a pretty good show.

Listen in while we discuss:

  • Vickie’s fever
  • Terry’s illness
  • Essential Oils
  • How & why Teresa got interested in Essential Oils
  • Thieves essential oil


Resources mentioned in the show:

Young Living page for Thieves Essential Oil
The Legend of Four Thieves
FDA Warning Letter
Teresa Vickers Thomas Facebook Page

Remember, you can request or recommend a topic or guest. You are encouraged to recommend yourself because everyone is welcome and every story is interesting. Call us at 251-649-5511 or email talkofsemmes@gmail.com.

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