NIH Research Notice For XYY Syndrome

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NIH Research Notice For XYY Syndrome

This study seeks to understand behavior and brain development during childhood and through young adulthood.  As part of the study, we are currently enrolling participants ages 5 to 25 with XYY syndrome. Parents and one full same-gender sibling (5-25 years old) are also eligible to participate.

Currently Enrolling:

  • Children or young adults (5 to 25 years of age) with XYY syndrome.

During the study, participants will have:

  • One initial outpatient visit over 2 days, and visits every 2 years
  • A physical and mental health examination, blood work and an MRI brain scan
  • Cognitive testing, aspects such as thinking, memory and attention

The study is conducted at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland (just outside Washington, D.C.) and accepts participants from anywhere.  NIH provides transportation from within the USA. Lodging, and meal allowance are included for the participant, one participating sibling, and one or two parents. There is no cost to participate and compensation is provided. Children must have parental permission.

NIH Research Study:  “Brain Imaging of Childhood Onset Psychiatric Disorders, Endocrine Disorders and Healthy Volunteers”

For more information, call:
Office of Patient Recruitment
TTY: 1-866-411-1010
NIH study #89-M-0006


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