Top Ten Food Searches For August 2014

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Top Ten Food Searches

Top Ten Food Searches

The Top Ten

Food Related Internet Searches

August 2014

1. Pizza

Who searched the most: Rhode Island, South Dakota, Montana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Delaware


Semmes AL BBQ

Semmes AL BBQ

2. Chicken

Who searched the most: Vermont, Alaska, South Dakota, Arkansas, Delaware, North Dakota, Mississippi


3. Cake

Who searched the most: West Virginia, South Dakota, Mississippi, Louisiana, Delaware, Vermont, Maine


4. Wine

Who searched the most: District of Columbia, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Mexico


5. Coffee

Who searched the most: Vermont, Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Maine, Minnesota, Montana


6. Beer

Who searched the most: Vermont, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Alaska


7. Cheese

Who searched the most: Vermont, Wisconsin, Delaware, Maine, Alaska, Wyoming, South Dakota


8. Salad

Who searched the most: Vermont, Montana, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Maine, New Hampshire, Delaware


9. Egg

Who searched the most: Wyoming, Alaska, South Dakota, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire


10. Cream

Who searched the most: South Dakota, Montana, Vermont, New Hampshire, Alaska, Maine, Rhode Island


Talk Of Semmes Research On Local Food Items


Grits: Variable but rising interest worldwide.

Top searches from United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa.

Top states searching are South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Top variations: grits, shrimp grits, shrimp, grits and shrimp, grits recipe, cheese grits, shrim grits recipe



Okra: Continuous increase since Feb. 2004 with peak in Aug. 2014 three times the searches as in 2004.

Top searches from Philippines, Jamaica, Ghana, Belgium, Nigeria, United States and Finland.

Top states searcing are South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee

Top  variations: okra recipe, recipes okra, fried okra, gumbo, okra gumbo, pickled okra, okra plant



BBQ. Continuous rise in searches since Feb. 2004.

Top state searches from Texas, Kansas, Missouri, California, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama

Top variation: bbq chicken, bbq sauce, bbq grill, korean bbq, bbq menu, bbq ribs, bbq recipes

What cities in Alabama did the most searching for BBQ? Birmingham, Huntsville-Decatur, Montgomery and Dothan.


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