Growing Potatoes in Semmes AL

Potatoes For Your Semmes AL Garden

Potatoes For Your Garden

Regardless of how Al Gore spells them, potatoes are a popular food item all over the country. Potatoes are easy to grow. But before you run out to get your seed potatoes, let me tell you some of the things I have learned from experience – there are a few things you should know about planting potatoes. Do not plant potatoes too early, while the ground is still very cold. If the ground is too cold and wet, the seed potatoes will not sprout until things warm up a bit. Around Semmes this is usually early or mid March.

Carrots Grown in Semmes AL

What To Plant The First Week Of February

What To Plant The First Week Of February

Plant Carrots, Turnips, Onions, Beets, Irish Potatoes and other root crops. Start tomatoes, peppers and eggplants indoors. Prepare to plant Corn, Beans, Peppers & other above ground crops weather permitting & hoping after last frost date for this area – Feb. 28. Sowing Carrots
Sow carrot seed at a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch, beginning this week.

Ace Hardware Mums

Mums Loaded With Flowers At Ace Hardware

Just about everyone is picking up mums now that they are loaded with color. Most will find a place indoors or not far away, say on a porch or patio, for a couple of weeks before being transplanted to the garden. But what is required for successful transplanting chrysanthemums? Conversations with a few customers at Ace Hardware helped create a short check list for successful transplanting:

Compost must be mixed into the garden before transplanting
Fertilize monthly only during spring and summer
Water daily but be sure to monitor moisture and do not allow soil to become soggy
Plant in a full-sunlight location
Space plants eighteen to thirty-six inches apart
For longer blooming season, mix colors and shades of mums

Jeff Havaline said he loves the blooms “but when they quit blooming they look like tumbleweeds.”  

Ace Hardware Wild Bird Feed

Ace Hardware Has Wild Bird Feed For The Bird Watchers in Semmes

The fall bird migration is underway and Semmes AL is an attractive waypoint for many species. Some birds will continue to the south and spend the winter in Central American and South America but many will stay right here in Semmes. The fall migration actually begins in early to mid June and lasts until roughly the first of January. This means that you can spot migrating birds for a large part of the year. Most landbirds like sparrows migrate at night and spend the day refueling.

Time To Plant Strawberries

Without doubt, most people plant their strawberry plants in the spring but planting strawberries in the fall offers the advantage of giving spring strawberries a head start. Spring strawberries develop their fruit buds in September and October. If you don’t plant your strawberries at least you can prepare for the 2014 growing season. Strawberries should be planted in a sunny spot and it’s pretty smart to have the soil tested before tilling the bed for preparation. Mulch young plants and be prepared to add more mulch which can be used to protect the plants from freezing temperatures. Apply the mulch to the plants after a couple of frosts has caused the plants to stop growing.