Ace Hardware Has Wild Bird Feed For The Bird Watchers in Semmes

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Ace Hardware Wild Bird Feed

Ace Hardware Wild Bird Feed

lark-sparrowThe fall bird migration is underway and Semmes AL is an attractive waypoint for many species. Some birds will continue to the south and spend the winter in Central American and South America but many will stay right here in Semmes. The fall migration actually begins in early to mid June and lasts until roughly the first of January. This means that you can spot migrating birds for a large part of the year. Most landbirds like sparrows migrate at night and spend the day refueling.

You can find many species visiting the open fields in and around Semmes. If you look closely, and long enough, you will find dozens of birds using the fields as their supper table and they use the fence alongside the field as perches for lookout positions.

If you want to do a little bird watching without leaving home, you might put out suet and black sunflower seeds, both of which are high energy foods for the travelers. Don’t forget that birds also love easy access to clean fresh water.

Ace Hardware at 7380 Moffett Road has bird seed and several styles of bird feeders in stock. Give them a call at 251-645-1001.


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