Mums Loaded With Flowers At Ace Hardware

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Ace Hardware Mums

Ace Hardware Mums

Jeff Havaline Looks Over Mums At Ace Hardware

Jeff Havaline Looks Over Mums At Ace Hardware

Just about everyone is picking up mums now that they are loaded with color. Most will find a place indoors or not far away, say on a porch or patio, for a couple of weeks before being transplanted to the garden. But what is required for successful transplanting chrysanthemums?

Conversations with a few customers at Ace Hardware helped create a short check list for successful transplanting:

  • Compost must be mixed into the garden before transplanting
  • Fertilize monthly only during spring and summer
  • Water daily but be sure to monitor moisture and do not allow soil to become soggy
  • Plant in a full-sunlight location
  • Space plants eighteen to thirty-six inches apart
  • For longer blooming season, mix colors and shades of mums

Jeff Havaline said he loves the blooms “but when they quit blooming they look like tumbleweeds.”



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