Time To Plant Strawberries

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strawberryWithout doubt, most people plant their strawberry plants in the spring but planting strawberries in the fall offers the advantage of giving spring strawberries a head start. Spring strawberries develop their fruit buds in September and October.

If you don’t plant your strawberries at least you can prepare for the 2014 growing season. Strawberries should be planted in a sunny spot and it’s pretty smart to have the soil tested before tilling the bed for preparation. Mulch young plants and be prepared to add more mulch which can be used to protect the plants from freezing temperatures. Apply the mulch to the plants after a couple of frosts has caused the plants to stop growing. If freezes are expected cover the plants with mulch or cover between Thanksgiving and Christmas regardless.

Come spring, move the mulch from the top of the plant in such a way that the mulch can be used to conserve moisture and keep the strawberries from coming into contact with the dirt.


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