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Semmes Weekender

Semmes Weekender

Semmes Weekender

We named our newsletter “Semmes Weekender” because it is emailed to subscribers each Friday and it contains information concerning events and activities we hope will be helful in planning your family’s weekend. We include, among other things, a list of local yardsales, local business coupons and suggested activities for the weekend.

Each newsletter also contains articles and other content that do not appear on the Talk Of Semmes website until the week after the newsletter is emailed to subscribers. We do this in order to encourage sponsor and advertiser participation in the newsletters.

You are invited to send information you would like to have included in the newsletter. Personal information like yard sales are free of charge. We would love to include your comments on local places, shopping, sports and the like – where’s the best price on milk and where is the best fishing spot.
The deadline for content to be included is Thursday noon.

There is a small charge for business related information and we encourage all business owners to discuss with us the wisdom of contributing an ongoing weekly or monthly column. “How To” articles are always popular – share your wisdom and gather a following of local folks. Realtors can include open-house information and stores can include their sales items. The possibilities are practically endless.

With your participation and encouragement we feel like the Semmes Weekender has the potential to become a small weekly flyer that we can make available at various locations in the Semmes area.

For additional information, please email or give us a call at 251-649-511.

You can subscribe to the newsletter here:

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