You’re Finally Somebody

You should be proud. You are now a household name. At least in the NSA. The New York Times reported yesterday that the NSA has been putting together some fantastic graphs using your social connections. The graphs identify your friends, relatives, neighbors and a few other minor details like where you are at certain times of the day, who you are with, etc.

City Of Semmes

No news here – just took a few quick photos of our public works department keeping things nice. Hey, guys! Good job. Thanks

Local Guy Finds Work At Zoo

Local Guy Finds Work At Zoo
This out-of-work guy needs a job so he decides to apply for a job at the local zoo. Strange as can be, the zoo’s star attraction, a gorilla, had passed but they had a local taxidermist in Semmes preserve his hide. The zoo owners tell the guy that they’ll pay him well if he will dress up in the gorilla skin and pretend to be the gorilla so people will keep coming to the zoo. Well, the guy has his doubts, but he really needs some income, so he puts on the nicely preserved skin and goes out into the gorilla cage. The people all cheer and applaud so much the guy gets carried away and really starts playing the part.

Drones – Coming To a Neighborhood Near You

Worried about the security of your home or business? Wondering how safe your neighborhood is? Curious about how well your crops or livestock are doing?

The answer may be drone technology. As knowledge about drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, becomes more mainstream, public safety officials, companies and individuals are exploring how drones could perform a variety of jobs. But there are also concerns.

Forty-three states have proposed or recently enacted laws to define what a drone is, who is authorized to use them, and how they can be used, according to WestlawNext, the nation’s leading online legal research service.

The legislation addresses real-life questions such as whether a local police department can issue speeding tickets based on a digital recording from a drone flying overhead, the use of drones by the news media to record footage for a story, or if you need a license to shoot video with a remote-controlled aircraft for commercial purposes.

On the other side of the issue, a debate is emerging about the legality of an American citizen destroying a low-flying drone that crosses an individual’s private property. Forty-seven percent of Americans think they should have the right to shoot down a drone that’s taking video of their home, according to a 2013 Reason-Rupe poll.

The Semmes AL Pet Store Parrot

The Pet Store

The Pet Store

Phillip recognized that Semmes Alabama was growing by leaps and bounds so he decided he would fulfill his dream of opening a pet store somewhere in the Semmes area. He found what he thought was an ideal location on Schillingers Road. Business was really good and one day, a guy named David, who lived up around the Spice Pond Road area, came in looking to buy a parrot. David goes into the pet store and asks Phillip if he had any parrots. Phillip told him that he had a couple of very young parrots that had not learned to talk yet and he had acquired one very experienced parrot from a guy that dropped him off at the store before leaving town.

Sepsis Awareness Month

Sepsis Awareness Month

Despite the fact that sepsis affects more than a million Americans each year and kills up to half of them, a new survey published by Sepsis Alliance found that fewer than half of all Americans have ever even heard of the term ‘sepsis.’