Ben Carson Suggests Clinton Acknowledges Lucifer

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Ben Carson took the stage, opening by declaring that he hates “political correctness.” In a speech that was widely assumed to go off-prompter, Carson suggested that Clinton, “acknowledges Lucifer.” (The argument goes like this: When she was in college, Clinton considered socialist writer Saul Alinsky a mentor. Alinsky dedicated his book, “Rules for Radicals,” to Lucifer.)

Carson further made the case that Clinton, and other secular progressives, would “take God out of our lives,” and thus “the blessings of this nation.”

The Hollywood Reporter called the speech “bizarre,” as did Vanity Fair. Fox News pundit Dana Perino praised the speech, saying Carson “had some of the best lines, some of the best energy, a great tone,” though she did add that the Lucifer remarks were “maybe a little bit of a step too far.”


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