Madam Mayor, A Few Answers Please

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Let me ask you a few questions that should be easily accessible to the citizens of Semmes, but after reviewing the City’s web page, are woefully inadequate. The number one priority for any public official should be for public safety. I would argue that the largest impact on the public is affected through the public infrastructure that the citizen will interact with including water, sanitary, storm water, and roads.. No one considers the work of producing a glass of water and delivering that water to each customer, but when it goes awry as we saw in Flint, M.I. the effect on a community can be devastating in so many ways.
So a few questions for the current mayor,
  • Has a comprehensive study of the City infrastructure and accompanying report on those findings been completed? If not, why would $250,000 for a recreational area be a better way to spend tax dollars rather than taking inventory of the current conditions and planning for their eventual replacement or rehabilitation?
  • How is the forecasting of investment into Capital Improvement Program (CIP) addressing the needs of the citizens? Even simpler, what are the CIP that are planned for?
  • How is the city collecting revenue or planning to fund the forecasted CIP projects?
  • Who is the City Engineer? How is the City ensuring that any construction in the City limits will not impact the public health and safety? Who represents the citizens with the knowledge to address the technical issues (Professional Engineer)?
  • How many Lane Miles are within the City limits, and what are the conditions of those roadways? How many Lane Miles are State, County, or City and who is responsible for which roads.
  • How does the City plan to maintain the ROW or address encroachments for CIP projects?
  • Has a traffic study been performed to identify the areas for which more traffic control is needed.
  • Does the City have Stormwater management plan as the city grows?
  • What areas does MAWSS serve? How do you plan to make them a partner in the development of the CIty (this is for both drinking water and for sanitary sewer)?
  • Where are the City standard construction details for anything built within the City Right of Way (eg: driveways)?


2 thoughts on “Madam Mayor, A Few Answers Please

  1. Partnership doesn’t mean just service. MAWSS could possibly provide technical support for construction and design as a consultant. Try looking past you nose at the issues.

  2. We do not need MAWSS to be involved in Semmes….They cost too much for sewer systems…As long as septic tanks work, then keep them…..


    Semmes looks good now, a lot better than I thought they would…Please,,,more of the same type of service…..

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