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david-bakerIf you attend enough City Council meetings you can get a pretty good picture of the amount of work needed to run a city. At times, there are hushed whispers about how late everyone had to work or how much they are dreading a long drive to a meeting or attending even one more meeting. But drive they do, and attend they do. Even with the late hours, the driving and the meetings, an amazing amount of work gets done.

Sewer lines, water lines, zoning ordinances, parts for fire trucks, annexation requests and dozens of similar topics are on the agenda – not really too exciting to write about so most times I don’t. But let something fun come up or something really different and it’s time to get out the ole pencil and write something down.

On Monday, October 7th, 2013, at 7:00 pm, the City Of Semmes is sponsoring a concert at Mary G. Montgomery High School auditorium. The concert, “An Evening With The Mobile Pops” is just one of the many projects requiring lots of work, a bit of driving and meeting after meeting after meeting.

Regardless of the project, it seems all committees and therefore all committee members get involved in one way or another. Then, the City Council has to approve or disapprove projects sent to the council by the committees. In this case, the concert, all committee members chose to contribute some of their discretionary funds to make it happen.

The driving force behind the concert is Council Member David Baker. Mr. Baker is co-chairman of the Special Events Committee and “An Evening With The Mobile Pops” is a special event. Really special.

Mr. Baker and I sat for a while to discuss his role in the concert. I tried to drink a really bad cup of city hall coffee but failed. Mr. Baker must have had prior knowledge of the coffee. I did not see him drink from his coffee cup.

It’s easy to see Mr. Baker takes great pride in the fact that the City Of Semmes is sponsoring the concert. There had to be a reason so I asked. His first statement pretty much set the tone for our talk: “We want the people of Semmes and the surrounding communities to know they can count on one or two high-quality free events each year.” I particularly liked his wording “count on.” It’s down-to-earth and real.

I told Mr. Baker I hoped to add a little personality to this article by including a little about his background so I asked about that too. Quoting Mr. Baker, ” I started playing music in elementary school. I grew up in Mobile and graduated from South Alabama. All those years from elementary school to college I played music – orchestra, concert bands, ensembles, jazz band and so on. I actually majored in Music in college but once I realized the chances of a real career in Music were slim, I switched my major to business.”



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