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I spent about an hour this past Friday talking with a couple of business women that have a business on Schillinger Road. I stopped by because over a period of time I had become aware of the fact that they seemed to have a thriving business – much more than the business that previously occupied the building. I hoped also that I might interest them in participating in some way on Talk Of Semmes – maybe sharing their thoughts on business or their store activities. They were receptive to the idea and there will probably be more on that in a later story but for now let me say that I left that meeting with the impression that both of the women believed Talk Of Semmes stands a better chance of success if it maintains a local-local atmosphere. Nothing but local. I agreed with them and went into great detail explaining how I hoped to have articles about local people and events and only stray outside that area when there was something to publish that could be considered of general interest. Well, here I am, already breaking my own rule but, sort of, maybe you can understand why when I tell the story.

Running even a small town site like Talk Of Semmes is a lot of work. Every day starts with about four hours of research trying to locate newsworthy information, write the story and try to get it published so it will be ready to consume with your morning coffee. Some days it works out that way. Most days it doesn’t.

Among other things, I’m a little bit geeky. Over the years I have been able to fine tune some programs that run round the clock to bring me interesting stuff that I think may interest you and wind up here at Talk Of Semmes.

This morning I almost skipped over a politics article but I’m glad I didn’t. Doing my normal research I clicked on a link and received back “Resource Limit Is Reached.” To me, that in itself is big news. That message means the story I was trying to reach was too overloaded with readers to accept any more web traffic. In essence, the popularity of the article caused a meltdown. A dream come true for most writers and publishers.

I was trying to access that had an article about “White House Talks about a Government Shutdown.” When I did finally get a connection with the site, I found the article was pretty much the same story published by plenty of other sites:

and dozens of other sites. I purposely put in the links so you can read for yourself and see what gets people stirred up enough to overload a site and shut it down.

The Utah People’s Post appears to cover news for the entire state of Utah and of course it has national news, health, sports, tech & science. Just like Talk Of Semmes with the exception of national news. Go read their article and the articles at the other sites if you like. Then, help us out here at Talk Of Semmes, leave your comments and maybe use the Forums. We’re looking forward to the day when the site will not hold up to the requests.




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