Semmes Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting

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City of Semmes Alabama

City of Semmes Alabama

Semmes Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting

September 11, 2014
7:00 PM



For the 2014-2016 Term

Revised June 2, 2014

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Council Member – Jerry Shirey*, Co-Chair – Judy Hale;

Community Members – Helen Joyce, Sandy Fincher, Carolyn Owens, Diane Moore and David Miller.


PURPOSE: The Parks, Recreation & Beautification Committee is appointed by the Mayor to research, investigate, advise and make recommendations to the City Council with respect to matters concerning playgrounds, athletic fields, recreation centers and other facilities and activities on property owned or controlled by the City and designated as a public park, or on other properties with the consent of the owners and authorities thereof. In addition to “parks” related topics, this committee shall have the responsibility to recommend any form of recreational activity that will employ the leisure time of the people in a constructive and wholesome manner.

The Parks, Recreation & Beautification Committee shall also promote beautification within the City of Semmes and increase community awareness and involvement by coordinating beautification activities and projects that will enhance our quality of life, benefit economic development, and improve property values for all residents, business owners and community groups.

It should be emphasized that memberships on an Advisory Committee does not carry any administrative powers. The Advisory Committee cannot implement their recommendations without formal approval from the Mayor and/or City Council. All expenditure of funds as well as legislative decisions are only made by the Mayor and/or City Council (by Ordinance or Resolution) prior to implementation.

Advisory Committees are a structured ways for individual citizens to work closely with Council Members to share their opinions and perspectives, study issues and develop recommendations in a focused, small group structure. Advisory Committees should discuss, formulate and transmit well-developed, thoughtful recommendations to the Mayor and City Council in a timely manner.

GOALS: The Parks, Recreation & Beautification Committee shall function in an advisory capacity to the City Council.

SPECIFIC GOALS: Specific goals/projects are assigned to each Advisory Committee by the Mayor based on the current and future needs of the Community. These goals/projects are developed based on perspectives and advice from the City Council, key issues, public comments received at Council Meetings, town hall type meetings, emails, personal contacts and letters, recommendations from Advisory Committees, or just the general recognized need. Goals/Projects may be amended or modified, escalated in priority, new ones created or even some removed from the Advisory Committee Charters by the Mayor as necessary.

Advisory Committees should develop work plans for the specific goals/projects assigned – in developing these work plans, the committees should consider:

  • Established City Council goals
  • Comprehensive Plan
  • Budget
  • Resource availability
  • Member available time
  • Committee Member knowledge, interest and expertise



1. Municipal Park

2. Keep Semmes Beautiful

3. Disc Golf Park

4. Pocket Parks

5. Other recreational activities and parks to benefit the Semmes Community



1. Solicit input from citizens for their preferences, likes, and suggestions for each area of the committee

2. Locate property for potential park/recreational sites

3. Develop short and long term goals, objectives and projects

4. Identify sources of financing/grants that will aid in achieving goals/objectives

5. Work with other committees in developing plans that will further enhance the quality of life

6. Improve the appearance of selected public green spaces and problem areas

7. Organize neighborhood clean-up days, tree planting and landscaping projects

8. Work and coordinate with Parks, Recreation & Beautification Committee on joint goals of tree planting and landscaping projects on right-of-ways, in public green spaces and parks

9. Explore opportunities to enhance community involvement and accomplish committee goals in the City of Semmes

10.Develop programs to work with citizens, neighborhoods and Homeowner Associations that will enhance area appearance, support public efforts of code enforcement and encourage property owner’s maintenance of clean and attractive property

11.Develop a Project Request Form to present projects to the City Council in the Work Session meetings

12.Develop Ordinances/Resolutions for presentation to the City Council in Regular Council Meetings for approval and funding

13.Provide monthly Committee Reports to the City Council

14.Provide information and photos of completed projects for the City website and local media.

15.Address litter on public streets and right-of-ways

16.Coordinate holiday decorations plans for the City ways

17.Coordinate plans with local community groups for events such as Christmas Tree Lighting, Christmas Parade, etc ways – joint goal with Special Events Committee

18.Work with other appointed committees to provide/obtain information necessary to achieve goals

19.Any other topic that the committee would like to bring before the City Council


MEMBERSHIP: The membership of the Parks, Recreation & Beautification Committee is comprised of five or more persons – the Chair being a member of the City Council, a City Council Member, and three or more members of the community. The Mayor appoints members of the Parks, Recreation & Beautification Committee. The Mayor also appoints new members to fill vacancies. At no time should a quorum of the City Council present at any committee meeting deliberate a matter that will come before the Council at a later date.


MEETING SCHEDULE: The Parks, Recreation & Beautification Committee will meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM at 7875 Moffett Road, Unit #C. The Parks, Recreation & Beautification Committee meeting cannot conflict with other regularly scheduled City Committee meetings. The Parks, Recreation & Beautification Committee Meetings will be considered by the Mayor and City Council as Open & Public Meetings. “Special Meetings” can be called by the Chair, given 24 hours notice, when 3 or more members have agreed to meet with the requirement that at least the Chair or Co-Chair can attend to conduct the meeting. Notices for “Special Meetings” must be posted. If the regularly scheduled monthly committee meeting date falls on a recognized National holiday, the monthly meeting can be cancelled or re-scheduled by the Chair at his/her discretion. The Chair is responsible for communicating with committee members if there are any changes in the meeting schedule as well as with the City Clerk to ensure that the website calendar is updated and a Special Meetings Notice is adequately posted.

The Parks, Recreation & Beautification Committee Chair will designate a recording secretary. In the recording secretary’s absence, the Chair will appoint a temporary replacement.


The Committee Chair will prepare a meeting agenda which will be presented at the beginning of each meeting. Committee members will submit agenda topics to the Chair at least 1 week in advance of the monthly meeting. The Committee Chair will be responsible for forwarding a copy of the Final Meeting Agenda to the City Clerk along with the approved minutes and any completed Public Comment Forms.

The Committee Chair (with assistance from the recording secretary) will be responsible for forwarding a copy of the “approved” meeting minutes to the City Clerk along with an agenda copy for the same meeting. Public Comment Forms are public record and must be submitted along with the approved committee meeting minutes.

Project Request Forms (PRF) – Committees report completed/approved PRF with recommendation letters to the Mayor and City Council with a Project Request Form. When a project scope has been completed, a PRF and corresponding recommendation letter will be in order to be presented to the City Council for approval. The Chair of the Parks, Recreation & Beautification Committee will be responsible for generating the PRF and recommendation letter (within a Committee Meeting) and scheduling it with the City Clerk to appear on the Work Session as well as the Regular Council Meeting agendas. A PRF will contain the following minimum information:

1. Name of Project

2. Purpose of Project

3. Specific project information

4. Estimated timeline: Start Date and Completion Date

5. Preliminary sketch of project – before/after

6. Photos of project site

7. Cost estimates for materials and labor

8. Estimate of number of volunteers needed (detailed)

9. Source of funding for project

10. Estimate of continued maintenance costs (yearly or monthly) and funding sources


Meeting Structure:

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

4. Public Comments

5. Presentations, guest speakers

6. Agenda Topic Discussions by Committee Members

7. Motions/2nd/Roll Call vote on proposed Ordinances/Resolutions to present

to the City Council (must be majority vote)

8. Other business that might bome before the meeting.

9. Adjourn

Source: ParksRecCommitteeCharter.pdf


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