Death by Children

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Death by Children

Death by Children

Death by Children

Birmingham Born Author Releases Book about How His Kids are Trying to Kill Him; Book Signing Date
Chicago, IL – Most parenting books are chock full of practical advice or cherished chestnuts about changing diapers. Death by Children offers neither and is all the better for it.
Hitting shelves in early October, Death by Children is a collection of Bull Garlington’s columns from Chciago Parent, syndicated to various magazines across the U.S. Although it’s funny, Garlington insists the stories are tragic examples of his failure to be even an adequate parent.

Garlington will be featured on Talk of Alabama, Oct. 31 regarding his appearance and premiere book signing at Birmingham Parent’s Fall Family Fest, in Homewood.

“My kids are essentially raising themeselves,” says Garlington. “I’m there to hold the fire extinguisher and explain things to the cops. And the neighbors. And their school. And my mom, though she ought to be used to it by now. They’re feral. I saw the boy eat the torn off flaps of a pizza box once. I gave them unrestricted internet access. Basically, they’re being raised by Google.”

Starting as a blog in 2008, Death by Children was picked up by Chicago Parent in 2010 and New York Parenting in 2011. Reprints run in various parenting and family magazines (Birmingham Parent, Sonoma Family LIfe, Tulsa Kids, and Michiana Family).

The column was nominated for the Parenting Media Association award for best humor ward in 2010, was a finalist in 2011, and won the SIlver Award in 2012. Everything Goes Media, the national branch of venerable Chicago Publisher, Lake Claremont Press, who published Garlington’s first book, The Beat Cop’s Guide to Chicago Eats, (with Sgt. David Haynes of the CPD) optioned the column early this year.

Book info:
Title: Death by Children
Author: Bull Garlington
ISBN: 978-1-8931219-9-7
Publisher: Everything Goes Media
Price: $12.95

Born in Birmingham, Garlington is the Creative Director and Media Relations Manager for Biznussoft, Inc., an SaaS software development company based in Hoffman Estates. When he’s not in the office, he writes from his home in Chicago, where he lives with his wife, who will not allow her name in print because she has a real job and is embarrassed; his children, Rah and Roon, depicted in excrutiating detail in the book; and his color coordinated pets.


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