A Recommendation From A Semmes Council Member

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Semmes City Councilman

Semmes City Councilman

Semmes City Councilman

One of your local councilmen suggested that I might steer Talk Of Semmes content towards a more pleasing and uplifiting theme. Never one to avoid trying something new, here is my first attempt:

A Semmes senior citizen called her husband, a Semmes councilman, during his drive home.

“I just heard on the news that there’s a car going the wrong way on Highway 98. Please be careful!”

The councilman replied, “It’s not just one car. There’s hundreds of them!”



2 thoughts on “A Recommendation From A Semmes Council Member

  1. Robin, thank you for your input. Have no fear – Talk Of Semmes is for the community and there will be no changes in regards to publishing the truth. The little joke I published about the councilman’s recommendation was more for my benefit than for the citizens – I need a break once in a while just to get reoriented. The joke has a real-life foundation however. I am still nipping at the heels of the mayor and council members and enjoy it tremendously. However, as a councilman elect, I now have an even greater responsibility to the City Of Semmes citizens, therefore I cannot immediately attack although that is my style. Instead, while gathering information for my stories, I seek out those whom I trust and weigh their input. The story I hoped to write, which caused me to question a council member, will be published at a later day, if needed, because I am thoroughly satisfied that the matter is already under consideration by the mayor/council. The bottom line here is that I now accept and understand “some things just take time.”

  2. Talk of Semmes is about Semmes. Humor every now and then is good but when we check into this page we are looking for information and details about what is going on in Semmes. Otherwise you could call your page anything but Talk of Semmes. Don’t let anyone dictate what you write or bully you into changing course. If its history, news or government- its pertinent to your readers. Even if it’s hard for some to read, and it’s the truth- then it’s pertinent. Healthy and respectful debate is also good to read. If someone is looking for feelgood stories then there are plenty of sites for that. I realize the Mayors page has some playful information but it was not all inclusive. Look at Talk of Semmes like The Press Register, helpful, informative, to the point and factual.

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