Ollie's Bargain Outlet Semmes Alabama Grand Opening

Good Stuff Cheap

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Good Stuff Cheap
Ollie’s Bargain Outlet will open at the corner of Moffett Road (Hwy 98) and Schillinger Road on October 5th and will initially employ around 22 people from Semmes and our immediate area. During the store setup, up to fifty-five people, local and otherwise, have been preparing for the grand opening. Ollie’s advertises itself as an extreme value retailer of brand name merchandise at drastically reduced prices and although specifics were not given, they thoroughly research potential markets and identified Semmes Alabama as a rapidly growing market. Talk Of Semmes was given an early morning tour of the store this morning, Saturday, October 1st, and we went looking for “Good Stuff Cheap.”  We experienced isle after isle of brand name products, including housewares, food, books and stationery, bed and bath, floor coverings, toys and hardware. Ollie’s is different if no reason other than the brightly lit store and colorful signage reminiscent of earlier times when in-store signs were colorful and fun.

Tri-State Construction and Remodeling

Tri-State Construction Building and Remodeling

Tri-State Construction
Building and Remodeling

Tri-State Construction is a family owned and family operated building and remodeling company located in Semmes. Owners Terry and Glen Thomas have built a strong reputation for their ability to handle remodeling projects of varying size and scope with ease. Backed by decades of building experience, the Tri-State Construction crew can move from one project to the next, always implementing an attention to detail that can’t be beat. Years of diverse home improvement experience allows Terry and Glen to turn your home into the one you’ve been dreaming of, from floor to ceiling. Nearly any remodel and design you’ve been dreaming of can be completed to your specifications, right down to the smallest details.

Westbay Auto Brokers

Westbay Auto Brokers
7445 Moffett Road
Semmes AL 36618

Locals love to talk about their home town and once he got warmed up, Gabe Hornsby started telling me why he opened his business in Semmes: “Semmes AL is really a pretty tight-knit community. We’re bound together with some strong relationships and united by common interests.” Gabe’s family moved to the Semmes area when he was three years old so it’s fair to say he’s a hometown guy. His family did move into the Mobile area for a while where Gabe attended Murphy High School and graduated from the University of South Alabama. After many years of traveling for a company that provided floor-planning funds for auto brokers, Gabe wanted to be home more and spend more time with his wife and three year old.