What Is Larger Than A Grand Opening?

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Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Opens In Semmes

100_3045It was advertised as a “Grand Opening” but that hardly does it justice. ‘Magnificent’ or ‘awe-inspiring’ might be a more accurate description. This morning a little before 9:00am, the old Delchamps store and parking lot at the corner of Schillinger Road and Moffett Road, (Hwy 98) was full. Slap full. Hundreds of parked cars spilled over to adjacent parking areas while the line of people wound its way alongside the building and into the parking lot. Eventually there was really no more room for a line so dozens if not hundreds of people scattered around waiting for Ollie’s Grand Opening.

The crowd of better than three or four hundred people talked, chatted and smiled while waiting. After the ribbon cutting and opening of the doors, dozens began entering six abreast and suddenly television sets began flying off the shelves and into shoppers’ waiting cars. When asked if there was a special sale on TV’s, the reply was “it’s the regular price but there is a limited quantity.”

The crowd was much denser than we cared to navigate so we made an early exit and will return later. It appears Semmes is very happy to have Ollie’s with us.









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