Jarod Grant

Are You A Collector?

Second 2 None
8125A Moffet Road
Semmes AL 36575

Jarod Grant is a collector. I tried several times and used several different interview techniques to see if Jarod would say something that would reveal that he does what he does only for the money, but when he said “I’m a collector,” I finally understood that he is heart, body and soul into the art and tradition of tattoing. Jarod collects tattoos. When asked how many tattoos he had collected, his answer was not in the number of tattoos, but in the approximate number of hours required to be the canvas for other tattoo artists – in Jarod’s case, over 120 hours. Jarod also happens to be the owner of a tattoo business, Second 2 None, at 8125A Moffet Road in Semmes and is a tattoo artist with over 16 years of experience with most of those 16 years in Tennessee having been in our area for only about 6 months.

Wattles & Her Sister At Birth

Hooves In The House

Hooves In The House
A Goat Baby’s Story
By: Lawerence Ashba


Goats. Not many people get too excited on that subject, even less about births.  

But then again, this isn’t about your ordinary goat herd, or even about kids in general. What it is, however, is a short story about a very special member of the family, so follow me and I’ll explain. Lets go back to late April, the sun was warm as normal, chill air at night.

Two Sisters Florist and Event Design LLC

Two Sisters Florist and Event Design LLC

Two Sisters Florist and Event Design LLC
8982 Moffett Road Semmes AL 36575 251-649-1613 www.twosistersflowers.com
Two Sisters Florist delivers freshly arranged flowers that will never arrive in a cardboard box. As a top florist in Semmes, our flower gifts get the time and attention they deserve. Each hand-arranged bouquet is personally delivered to your recipient, so they are guaranteed to receive fresh, beautiful flowers every time. Rely on Two Sisters Florist for quality flower delivery in Semmes or anywhere in the nation.

Petunia Has A Pool At Noahs Ark Farm Animal Rescue In Lucedale MS

Petunia Happy At Her New Home

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get stories for a small town news site? By small town, I ‘m speaking of Semmes. Semmes Alabama. Either nothing happens in Semmes – or it’s well hidden. Last week our big story was about the pig capture incident at the MultiMart on Hwy 198 in Lucedale Mississippi.

Petunia the Pig

You Can’t Hog-Tie A Hog

There were rumors on the streets of Semmes that Holley’s Pawn at the intersection of Moffett Road and Schililngers Road had a pretty good sale on cases of bottled water. Always looking to save a few bucks, I stopped in to check out the rumor and found cases of the water stacked up on the sales floor. Tom Morgan, owner of Holley’s Pawn, had read the article about the hog at the Multi-Mart and he kind of laughed and said “you can’t hog-tie a hog.” So, naturally, I asked for a little more information and he then said “I’ve been selling handcuffs to hog hunters for years. There’s a lot of people around here that go out and catch ’em just for sport.


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