Westbay Auto Brokers

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Washington, D.C., circa 1927.
"Cross trucks, Semmes Motor Co.
" Headquarters for Good Used Cars.
National Photo Company glass negative.

Westbay Auto Brokers

7445 Moffett Road
Semmes AL 36618

Gabe Hornsby Westbay Auto Brokers

Gabe Hornsby
Westbay Auto Brokers

Locals love to talk about their home town and once he got warmed up, Gabe Hornsby started telling me why he opened his business in Semmes: “Semmes AL is really a pretty tight-knit community. We’re bound together with some strong relationships and united by common interests.”

Gabe’s family moved to the Semmes area when he was three years old so it’s fair to say he’s a hometown guy. His family did move into the Mobile area for a while where Gabe attended Murphy High School and graduated from the University of South Alabama.

After many years of traveling for a company that provided floor-planning funds for auto brokers, Gabe wanted to be home more and spend more time with his wife and three year old. Already living in Semmes, Gabe and his wife decided to open their business in Semmes, Westbay Auto Brokers. During his travels Gabe had come to love working with auto business owners and decided that’s what he wanted to do too.

Angela Lawshe Westbay Auto Brokers

Angela Lawshe
Westbay Auto Brokers

One of the first considerations of every auto broker is finding good, reliable help. Angela Lawshe happens to be that person at Westbay. It’s just a straight-up fact that car dealers have to look hard for the best vehicles at the best price but someone has to be on the lot when the buyer is out looking for new inventory. Angela takes care of the title work for all the vehicles sold and takes care of a-to-z, so to speak, when Gabe travels to auto auctions in Pensacola, Slidell, Atlanta, Hattisburg and Birmingham looking for quality cars and trucks for the lot in Semmes.

1998 Corvette Westbay Auto Brokers

1998 Corvette
Westbay Auto Brokers

When you have the opportunity, stop by Westbay Auto Brokers to visit or look over the inventory. You don’t always know ahead of time when you’re going to need some new transportation so get to know these hometown folk now.


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