Eddie’s Wholesale Jewelry and Pawn

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Eddies Pawn 8945 Moffett Road Semmes AL

Eddies Pawn
8945 Moffett Road
Semmes AL

Eddie’s Wholesale Jewelry and Pawn

8945 Moffett Road
Semmes AL 36575


Recalling that just a few short months ago, there was a pretty big hoopla about an ammunition shortage I decided to stop by Eddie’s Wholesale Jewelry and Pawn to pick up a few boxes of 22s. My thinking was that the ammo shortage has surely passed by now and here I am right in front of their store.

Theresa Dunlap

Theresa Dunlap

Theresa Dunlap, the store manager,  was smiling from behind the counter when I went in the store. That gave me a pretty good feeling, thinking she remembered me. In the past I’ve bought cameras and binouculars and such from Eddie’s. I didn’t let the thought enter my mind that Theresa probably greeted all who entered with the same cheerful smile.

Right off, I forgot my original intent because I was rather overwhelmed by the amount of inventory in the story. I commented to Theresa that there appeared to be a very large selection of merchandise, especially long guns. Always looking for a bargain myself, I inquired about the selection of 270, 308 and 30.06 rifles and even looked at a few.

The noticeable increase in selection of available items led me to inquire as to what might have happened to have the store stock such quantity and variety. Theresa said “People are still buying guns pretty much every day and we need to offer them options. And, hunting season is coming up – we always sell to a bunch of hunters this time of year.”

I browsed the handgun selection too. Again, looking just like I had real money in my pocket to do business with. I found Glock, Ruger and Smith & Wesson in abundance. Finally, I remembered to ask for the 22s and Theresa said they had none and “There’s still a shortage. The companies are making the more expensive stuff and 22s are kind of on allotment.”

You probably won’t find any 22s at Eddie’s today. Maybe you’re looking for something else though. Stop by and take a look at plenty of musical instruments, tools and electronics.


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